Why should spending time in the kitchen be a tedious task that you want to avoid? To make cooking a pleasurable experience, all you need is the right equipment.  You need appliances and products that take the load off you and allow you to cut down on cooking time significantly. What are these products, you ask? Here’s a wonderful list for you. 7 amazing kitchen tools that will make you fall in love with your kitchen.

Corn Kernerler


If ‘Simplify, Simplify, Simplify’ is the mantra you live by, you will be delighted to give this product a go. Just one, quick sweeping motion across the length of the cob and you will get fresh, golden kernels that are ready to eat. Do away with hassles of eating from the cob or picking out kernels individually.

Price: Rs 199

Multipurpose Quick Cutter / Chopper


Now this product might look small, but it is a compact powerhouse. Here is a non-electric chopper that does everything from chopping fruits to veggies to nuts and is ideal for making sauces as well. You can even cut meats like chicken or fish into neat slices that are perfect and ready to cook. Hence buying choppers like this can be really beneficial.

Price: Rs 1,050

Stainless Steel Watermelon Fruit Dig Corer Cutter & Server


Innovate the way you slice melons with this masterpiece which will help you scoop out perfect slices. This way, you do not waste time peeling and slicing, plus get the most out of the melons. The scooper is handy and fabulous for picnics under the sun.

Price: Rs 307

Veggetti Spiral Vegetable Noodle Cutter


Here’s a fun way to make sure the kids eat their vegetables – make pasta out of them! This slicer lets you slice veggies into spaghetti so you can create healthy and fun salads that everyone would love to eat. It’s ideal for carrots, cucumbers, potatoes and zucchini.

Price: Rs 349Buy Now

5 Blade Herbs Scissor


Adding fresh herbs to your food is conducive to better flavor and health. If chopping them up is cumbersome, try out this 5 blade herb chopper that will give you fine, consistent slices with minimal effort. Plus, it keeps your fingers safe too!

Price: Rs 349

Automatic Peeling Machine 


Peeling fruits and veggies was never this fun. One look at what this rapid peeler can do and you will want to bring it home right now! It peels apples, lemons, potatoes and everything else you can think of in just a few seconds. Experiment with dishes like zucchini fries, curly fries and snack time will never be the same again!

Price: Rs 899, Buy Now

Sharpener Peeler


This is by far the cutest peeler we’ve ever seen. These sharpener shaped peelers have powerful blades that give you carrot, cucumber or zucchini slices that look like the healthiest pencil shavings. Now that’s what we call innovation in salad making!

Price: Rs 137

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