8 AIB Videos That Are Nothing Short of a Laughter Riot

Your parents may hate them and your friends may not get their jokes but All India B*****d has come a long way. Their dialogues may seem a little rude sometimes but its brutal honesty and freaking hilarious banter touch you exactly the way it should.

Not surprisingly, some Bollywood biggies like Alia Bhatt, Irrfan Khan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Anurag Kashyap and Shah Rukh Khan have also contributed to their videos, which have squashed off the viewership counters, especially on Youtube.

If you haven’t watched these videos, then you need to skip what you are doing, sit back and enjoy them NOW.

AIB Podcast ft. Shah Rukh Khan (Part 1 and 2)

What happens when King of sarcasm and AIB sit in a room? The outcome will leave you in splits. SRK talks about how he feels about the roast, questions people ask him after a movie release and what he thinks about the never-ending controversies that make rounds in Bollywood.

AIB Every Conference Call Ever

If you have ever been in a conference call with other colleagues, the first thing you’d say while watching the video- Been there. Done that! Nothing productive comes out from a conference call except for “Hi guys, can you see me, Hey! Am I audible, I cannot hear you, I think the audio just dropped”. 

AIB Every Bollywood Marketing Meeting Ever

Admit it, marketing meetings are no short of a bunch of egos sitting tight in a room and bumping into each other to see who cracks first. The brainstorming gives no fruitful result and the idea that goes on the floor has a different impact on audience/user altogether.

AIB Honest Bars & Restaurants (Part 1 to 3)

The honest bars and restaurants series is about what we feel at bars and restaurants but don’t really say it. We all know that awkward moment when you are not able to pronounce an item in the food menu and just look at the waiter to get it anyway. Things get weirder when you are with your family. Watch this video and you will get to know.

AIB Every Bollywood Party Song Ever

Every Bollywood movie has a party song these days which is nothing but mainstream. Same nursery rhyme lyrics, some hot chics in the background dancing like no one is watching, and the rapper-singer who wants to get into the camera as if there is butter chicken inside. This video rightfully describes the every Bollywood party song.

AIB Alia Bhatt: Genius of the Year

We all know the debacle that took place when Alia Bhatt gave a wrong answer at KWK and draw all the attention. She slammed all the haters with this collaboration with AIB where she joins a gym and exercises her brain and goes from “Dolce & Gabbana to smart like Shabana”.

AIB Raag Salman

This is a raag which is dedicated to Salman Khan, the lyrics of which are an excerpt from Salman Khan’s tweets. The whole song lyrics are Salman Khan’s tweets which he posted every now and then. You’d be surprised to know what all he writes after all.

AIB Donations ke Side Effects

AIB has brilliantly captured the pain that parents go through at the time of school admission. The video starts with a kid shouting at his father for not earning much money for his school donation. Then he criticizes him for not taking hush money and leading an honest life. This AIB video is at its satirical best.

Let’s just say, with AIB videos on your screen, there’ll never be a dull moment in your life!!!

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