Almost everyone these days owns a Gmail account.

The amazingly simple user-interface, cool themes, and useful plugins make Gmail the most popular e-mail service in the world.

If you have been for long using the mail service from Google to only send and receive messages, it’s high time to understand Gmail’s real power.

Here are 8 amazing things you didn’t know that Gmail could do!

1. Schedule Messages

Did you know that you can schedule messages on Gmail? Yes! That important mail that you would want to send to your client the next morning can be scheduled the previous night.


Using the chrome extension called ‘Boomerang’, you can schedule messages to be sent at anytime, anyday.

Schedule Emails in Gmail

2. Get Desktop Notifications

You might be in the middle of something that is taking your complete attention and miss out on an important mail.

For situations like these, you’ve got a little something from Gmail to come to your rescue.

By enabling ‘Desktop Notifications’, you can get instant notifications of mails marked as important straight to your screen as a pop in the bottom right corner.

Desktop Notifications Gmail

3. Track Your Email

Get to know if your email has been opened by the receiver with the use of chrome extensions like HubSpot Sales.

Formerly known as Sidekick, this extension will let you know when your emails are clicked and opened by receivers.

A wonderful tracking tool if you are sending cold emails to customers.

4. Reply by Chat

If the sender of a mail is online, you can choose to continue the email conversation as chat.

Click on the ‘Reply by Chat’ option and continue the conversation on chat.

Even if the sender goes offline, your chats are stored as unread mails in his/her inbox.

Gmail Chat

5. Canned Responses

Sometimes, all you need is a ‘Yes’ or ‘Thanks’ to reply to a mail and for this, you don’t have to compose a mail.

Click on the gear icon on the top left corner of your Gmail and then go to the ‘Labs’ tab.

Simply enable Canned Responses to make one-click replies.
Canned Responses

6. Advanced Search

You know that you can search mails from anyone using the query box on Gmail.

But do you know that you can search for only mails with attachments and mails sent before/after a certain date?

Here’s how:

  • To filter emails with attachments, just add “has: attachments” to your search query.
  • To filter by date add “before: *date*” or “after: *date*” to your search query.

7. Organize Emails

Gmail doesn’t recognize ‘+’ symbol, capitalization and periods. This is why there is a good way of organizing your emails using these special characters.

You can, for example use a ‘+’ symbol in between your email address as – when signing up for mails from health websites. Similarly, you can add the ‘+’ symbol in a different place ( when subscribing for shopping websites.

This way, when you get emails from health sites, they are grouped under one section and when you receive mails from shopping sites, they are grouped under another section.

A pretty clever way of organizing mails 😉

8. Using Labels

Labels are a wonderful way to keep track of a particular kind of work that you are doing.

Labels are nothing but folders wherein mails related to a particular project are sent. You can manage these labels, show or hide them and archive them.

A quick and easy way to stay organized and zip through work!

Labels Gmail

Go try the magic now 😀

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