The iPhone is a super secure smartphone in which every single little action undergoes a consent-check and gets recorded against the user’s Apple ID. And then you have the Android OS that lets you download as many apps from Google Play Store, without popping up multiple menus for consent or security information.

In fact, every app developer knows how much easier it is to create an app for the Android OS compared to one on iOS. So we thought of sharing with you a list of Android-only apps so that you dump your iPhone buying dreams with a happy heart.


This app is a must-have for us, social media crazy people. The app has been designed with a simple objective of making smartphone users sleep. Twilight is so good at what it does that once you land into your bedroom and look at emails and messages on your phone, the app will configure your device to a brightness level at which you will automatically stop reading messages and start dreaming.


A Chrome-based web browser for viewing mobile versions of web pages without getting interrupted is what Chromer is all about. Chromer makes life easy by allowing links to open in different tabs instead of popping up different browsing apps for links.


Everyone is worried about battery draining apps, Greenify is an app to manage that. It controls apps from running in the background when not required. It reduces the number of system APKs running without hampering the apps normally running and also clears out battery logs, memory usage logs and data usage logs without extra fuss.


This app has now become a favourite among Android users because of the unique wallpaper designs that will relax the mind once you swipe to your home screen. Muzei lets you optimise your home screen according to the apps you list on it and view the background wallpaper.


An app that has to find a place in your smartphone if you know what a catastrophe it can be if you don’t have a backup of your data. Download this app and let it do its thing and you can be sure that no matter what happens to your phone, you have your call logs, App data, contact lists, SMS contacts, notes, etc. all within your reach after formatting your phone.


Download the latest version AirDroid so that you have the bug-free version which lets you remotely locate, lock or clear all of your data through this remote control App. AirDroid is the Android app version of Remote Desktop Connection on Windows OS. This eases work by more than 70% by letting you access your phone’s functions on a Windows computer. This can be a life-saver if your smartphone is low on battery or a virus has infected it.


For some high-security reason, it seems iPhones can never have torrents downloaded into them and neither can torrent-based apps ever run on the iOS. But lucky you, Android users, you can have cool torrent downloaders like Flud and Vuze on your phones and download all the movies, TV series and videos as your heart’s desire! Flud determines the optimal speed for downloads, selective bandwidth optimisation and magnet-link based downloads.


In a social media-driven era that we’re in, this is the app that you should use to remove any clutter in your contact list. Drupe is compact and smart, it doesn’t create another social media network to bother you with, instead, it organises your contact list according to your preferences.

Get, Set, Go … Download!


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