Earlier, we told you about Arnab Goswami’s breakaway from the celebrated news channel, Times Now. Circa May 2017, the question of why he did it is surely not just grapevine anymore. Republic TV, the newly-launched news channel by the self-acclaimed nationalist made waves in the Indian television circuit by kicking off a grand exposé of Bihar’s political scion – Lalu Prasad Yadav. So with this interesting juice at our disposal, we thought of checking out what Arnab fans living on Quora feel about him and his work in Indian journalism.

arnab-goswamis-republic-tv-to-launch-todayWhat unfolded was a series of astounding comments which we couldn’t resist from sharing with you!

Question – “If you met Arnab Goswami in person, what would you ask him?”

I asked this question to find out how the general perception of Arnab Goswami is among the youth. The answers given by respected Arnab fans and haters were a tad more amusing than I expected.

A certain Mr Altaf Abdul Ahmed said –

“Why did you stop being a journalist and start being a fricking showman? Will you ever listen to people who have views other than yours on your show, considering the fact that being a journalist, you should never have an opinion in the first place?”

“Will you wear a tin hat and hold an INSAS rifle and stand at the vanguard of our troops if that war you have been baying (not sure if this word exists 😉 ) for ever happens?”


Question – What do news following Indians think about Arnab Goswami and the NewsHour debate?

This question was asked not so long ago and the few answers that fellow Indians have posted are totally nailing it. Just read this if you’re having a dull day!

A certain Vivek Jha said –

“I have been watching this debate for the past 4 years continuously and I think, he doesn’t like any opinion going against him.He is one of those journalists who like to impose themselves over the issue, which sometimes gets really annoying.But he is the most watched prime time journalist, at least claims to be so!I wonder how he’d be talking at home with his family, immediately after the NewsHour!!!!!!!!!”

Maybe if you ignore the (deliberate, or so we think) typos in this answer, you would get what Venkat Balasubramanium is trying to say –

“You can have a good debate in future when medical technology progresses to a level where people clone themselves (legally) and Arnab has 5 clones of himself – Arnab Chatterjee, Arnam(b) Bhattacharjee, Arnab Nandi, Arnab Bose and Arnab Ghosh and he invites all of then as panelists on a debate on some Paki border crossing issue. and the first 3 Arnab’s counter the other 2 Arnab’s and Arnab himself are confused on what he is for and what he is against, so he keeps shifting his stands and shouts Mr Arnab, Mr Arnan(b) and none of the Arnab’sincluding himself know who he is referring to.”

Question – What do you think about Arnab Goswami’s “Ask me anything” session on Reddit?


A Quora writer from Mumbai, Mr Bhuvi Jain says

“Let’s all do some kapalbhati breathing exercise – Baba Ramdev part II arriving on the 1st of May.” while talking about Arnab’s replies on Reddit when asked about asking the most uncomfortable questions to the Modi government. We’re still figuring out whether Baba Ramdev was being used as a catchphrase for more attention or this Quora user is referring to Arnab Goswami as the next Baba Ramdev!

Question – Arnab Goswami vs. Navjot Singh Siddhu (in a debate, off course), who wins?

We’re gone bonkers reading this answer by Sudhir Srinivasan, a renowned Features writer and print media editor.

“Sidhu will eventually become a mute spectator, with every attempt at talking being interrupted by Arnab who launches a passionate, extremely loud attack on the powers-that-be, wondering why Sachin let down crores of Indians, and demanding an answer from Sidhu! He’ll wonder what sinister agenda the Government of Pakistan had in this matter. He’ll DEMAND ANSWERS. And people in the International Space Shuttle, apart from perhaps being able to see the Great Wall of China, will also be able to hear Arnab ask, “Why? Why were a billion Indians let down? WEEEE NEEEEEDDDD AAAANNNN AAAANNNSSSSWWWEEERRRR!”

Question – Who is Arnab Goswami?

Someone by the name Sakhil Chawla in 2013 July, (yeah! when Times Now was at its peak TRPs) said –

“Arnab Goswami is a person who vents out nation’s anger on the politicians from 9 pm – 10:30 pm every day on NewsHour. He always starts his debate by The Nation Wants to Know.” He further added, “Sometimes he gets so angry that he starts resembling like Angry Birds.”


And lastly,

Question – How much does Arnab Goswami earn?

While most Quora writers agreed that it’s not really a matter of concern, an engineering student Mr Shashank Sharma said –

“Well, even Kejriwal was asking the same on Twitter. He should get a Quora account. Hope he doesn’t increase his MLA’s salary more than Arnab now.”

Hope Mr Kejriwal doesn’t feel too bitter after reading this!

Source – Arnab Goswami on Quora.

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