Move over those plain and boring usual birthday parties!

It’s time to re-think and redo birthdays. And…what better way to do that than by adding a theme to it?

The next time you are ready to sing that “Happy Birthday Song”, gear up and wear something cool, because it’s your special day!

Check out these 8 amazing birthday theme ideas.

1. The Blackout Party

No lights here! Switch off the lights and let your mates carry a flashlight.

Better still, let them wear fluorescent dresses for the rocking night in.

Blackout Party

2. Stop Lights Party

Red, Yellow and Green. Nothing apart from that!

You may even make things interesting by assigning a trait specific to these three colors.

Red – In a relationship.

Yellow – Getting to know someone.

Green – Single and ready to mingle!

Stop Lights Party

3. Television Series Party

You can be anyone!

The options are wide open – Joey and Rachel from Friends to Arya Stark and Tyrion Lannister from GOT!

Wait a second, how can anyone be Tyrion Lannister? 😛

GOT Party

4. The 90s Party

No one allowed in without slap bracelets, worn out jeans and yo-yos.

Time to watch some 90s shows for inspiration.

90s Party Theme

5. Kids Party

Kids themed parties are super cute and super awesome.

Organize a party themed around favorite characters like Barbie, Chhota Bheem,  and Angry Birds.

Time to be the little hero you always were! 😉

Kids Birthday Party Theme

6. Dead Celebrities Party

Bring back Micheal Jackson, Marilyn Monroe and Paul Walker to life with a dead celebrities party.

Strictly no sobs around!


7. The Job You’ll Never Have Party

If you are a software engineer, dress up like a surgeon.

If you are a teacher, go in as an astronaut!

Astronaut Costume

8. Classy Vs Trashy Party

Either get in with a classy outfit or a trashy one.

There is no middle ground here. 😉

Classy Vs Trashy

Are we ready to Paaaarttttyyyyyy? 😛

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