8 Creative Ways To Repurpose Your Denims

You’ve been together for years now and things are going great. It’s like you two were made for each other. Today, however, you take one look at them and you know it just won’t work out anymore. It finally dawns on you – your trusted old jeans have got to go.

Before you start saying your final, tear-eyed goodbyes, think again. People actually pay good money to get pre-ripped jeans from high-street fashion labels. What you’ve got here is a style statement just waiting to be made. You can simply own the ripped jeans look! However, if you think all hope is lost for this particular pair of jeans, consider these creative options that will give the old denims a new lease on life.

Cut Them Short

If the thought of not being able to wear your faithful old pair is horrifying to you, why not cut them up into brand new shorts?

Let Your Phone Wear Them

Denim Phone CoverGive your phone the comfy denim protection by making a phone cover out of it.

Take A Pocket, Make A Purse

Denim Purse

The back pockets of your jeans can easily be used as tiny, adorable purses.

Let Them Style Your Keys

Denim Key ChainsAfter making you look fantastic for years, your old jeans can let you carry your keys in style. How attractive do these key chains look?

Stuff Them Up

Stuffed denimAnother great way to make sure they’re always around. A stuffed toy in blue to chase away your blues!

Carry All Your Stuff In Them

Denim bagYou can sling your tattered jeans over your shoulder by creating a beautiful bag out of them. They will always be by your side, even if they are slightly worse for wear.

Snuggle Up In Them

lfhouYou can’t wear them anymore but no one said you can’t warm up in them night after night. Creating a quilt out of the denim fabric will ensure that you never have to say goodbye.

Add Flair To The Floor With Them

Denim RugPut the dilapidated denim to good use by creating a rag carpet out of it. It’ll look great and you’ll get to see your most prized possession every single day.

Tell us your creative ideas in the comments section. Let’s vow to never throw away another pair of jeans again!

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