India is not just about culture, shades of languages, hub to diverse religions, and history. We are a lot more than that and surely take pride for it. The moment you start to feel we cannot be crazier than this, something worth talking comes up.

Guinness Book of World Records is known for rewarding some of the most out of the box skills and presenting them to the world to inspire others. India has made its presence felt in the field of extraordinary arts before and has been doing it since then. Here are 8 Guinness World Records that could not have been done except for Indians.

World’s Largest Ladoo


It is not every day you get to see a larger than life ladoo. It took place in Andhra Pradesh where PVVS Mallikharjuna Rao took the ladoo love to another level. It was prepared with ghee, cashew nuts, sugar, almonds, cardamom, and water. Its total weight was 29,465 kg (64,959.21 lb).

World’s Longest Turban 


How much time does it take you to get ready in the morning? I am sure it is nothing when compared to Avtar Singh Mauni. It takes him staggering 6 hours to get his turban in place because it is 645 meters long i.e. almost 9 times of Qutab Minar. To add more to the amusement, it weighs approximately 120 kg including the ornaments it has.

World’s Most Expensive Suit sold at Auction

Modi wearing a suit with his name woven into it in gold pinstripes

Mitroon, the monogrammed suit which was worn by Prime Minister Narendra Modi when Barak Obama visited the country in 2015 was sold for a whopping 4.31 crore ($6,93,174) at an auction. It was Laljibhai Tulsibai Patel, a Surat-based diamond merchant, who bought it with open arms.

World’s Largest Gathering as Mahatma Gandhi

largest gathering as Mahatma Gandhi

Our love for Bapu is never ending and it was proved in Bangalore where 4,605 kids dressed as the Father of the Nation. The event was held to mark 146th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi on 2nd October 2015.

World’s Largest Biryani

largest biryani

This is something nobody could have ever done if it was not India. Sixty chefs set a Guinness world record in Delhi by cooking the largest biryani dish which weighed 13-tonne involving 12,000 kg of rice. My lunch is set for life.

Most Number of Headstands


In Chennai, 648 people performed headstand at the same time during a Yoga World Festival on 4th December 2016 making its place in the Guinness world records. The previous record had 408 people doing headstand which was made by Indians as well.

World’s Longest Dance Marathon

longest dance marathon

Kalamandalam Hemaletha has proved that for some people dance is everything. She made the Guinness world record by dancing for 123 hours and 15 minutes at Sangeetha Nadaka Academy in Thrissur, Kerala.

World’s Biggest Chapati/Roti

biggest chapati

If you are thinking what I am thinking then there isn’t probably anything we Indians cannot do. It was made by Dadgu Seth Ganpati Sarvajanik Mahotsav in Jamnagar. The chapati weighs 145 kg (319 lb 10 oz) and was made on a metal plate measuring 3mx3m.

OMG! Yeh mera India

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