8 New Year Resolutions which Never Work

At the end of every year, we promise ourselves to be more productive, peppy, jolly, and healthy for the coming year. The preparation for the New Year starts with full swing. We beat drums about the new year resolutions we plan to take and continue the whole time. But unfortunately, we seldom fulfil them.

Here are some of the epic New Year resolution fails.

I Will Start Doing Gym

Fitness is the greatest concern we humans have in the world after dinosaur extinction. December 31st we are all prepared to hit the gym, sweat a river, burn the fat, and rule the modelling universe. But after a few weeks, the resolution gets lost somewhere in the closet where the track suit is.

I Will Quit Smoking

“My new year resolution is, I’ll quit smoking full and final”- that’s probably every smoker trying to find some hope in the name of new year but only a few make it happen.

I Will Wake Up Early in the Morning

We all envy those people who wake up when birds do. So, looking into the mirror we promise ourselves to be ‘early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise’ but then it was a weekend so we decide to start from Monday.

I will be More Productive than ever

Things we did in the past should not affect our future and hence I’ll be more productive in 2017 than ever. Like ever!

Savings will be my first priority

Trying to start saving money is like minding own business, it never happens. Our piggy banks never last for more than 15 days. It all goes fine in the beginning but some stupid and lucrative sale breaks the continuity.

I will Read more Books This Year

This one is for all the bibliophiles out there. I know you’ve been trying to elevate your love by reading more and more books. You go to the bookstore, buy new books, place them on the bookshelf, and wait for the new year. After a month or two, there is only a pile of new books gathering dust in the corner of the room. Alas!

I will go to Mandir/Masjid/Gurudwara/Church twice a week

Hey bhagwan, thodi kripa kardo, roz prashad chhadauga. The things we do to please God as if He can’t see anything.

I will be more Humble & Polite

To be humble and polite in a world like this is no less than an act of valour. You take an oath with friends not to use any more cuss words but suddenly something appalling happens which makes you say, life is a b****!

good luck to you!


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