Smokers know it all, the risk of getting cancer, the impairment of lung functions, the digestion problems that come along with years of smoking and the risk of becoming a diabetic while just in the twenties. But they’re not being able to work on the real thing – “quit smoking.” Even when some responsible smoker takes the pledge, the withdrawal symptoms push him back.

We’re with you, dear smokers, and we want to keep you motivated while you’re at it. Despite the efforts you’re making, it’s only worrying that you’re not there yet. So we’re listing out the triggers you might not be aware of on your journey towards a new Smoke-free Zindagi. 

#1 You’re facing a challenging time of your life

Your career graph looks like a gentle slope while you’re wishing deeply that the slope made a steep rise. Your parents are pushing you too much with marriage woes and obviously that ups the number of smokes you light up in a day. Add to it the everyday struggles on the road!

#2 You’re scared about the weight gain

Smoking increases the energy availability in our body. The major reason why women start smoking is that smoking controls weight gain, it dehydrates fats and promotes calorie utilization. Once you stop smoking, you may gain a little weight. Never mind! You can have a nice cup of green tea and lose those extra pounds gracefully!

#3 You think cancer is linked only to your genes

Fundamentally, cancer takes birth in the unwanted changes in our hereditary makeup but this does not mean that we get it with or without the trigger. The environment we live in triggers those changes. Active smoke or passive smoke, the source could be either but the consequences are only as deadly as you could not have imagined.

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#4 You think pollution can cause the lung and heart problems too

Well the pollutants in our cities might be of alarming proportions, but the fact is you’re only adding to it. Nicotine and its intermediates are all aplenty in the outdoors and they have the tendency to drift with the air in clusters. So when you smoke, you’re only bringing more cancer-causing substances closer to your home.

#5 You’re forgetting the fact that your children will inherit your ‘defected’ genes

That environmental agents affect genes is something we just told you a while back (read above) but what you’re not realizing is that years of smoking changes those genes altogether and if you have children, they already have low breathing capacities since birth because of the genes they inherited from you.


Just as you can see, smoking’s negative effects are far higher than the instant and superficial positive effects. It’s only wise to realize that smoking can do you more harm than good!!

#6 You’re liking the fresh gush of energy that you get after a drag or two

Nicotine, like any other nerve stimulator, puts the brain into an energy overdrive. This overdrive is sudden and is just what the smokers love and are addicted to. It makes you cool in times of utter confusion and increases your decision making abilities.

#7 Withdrawal symptoms drive you crazy

That Nicotine overdrive is the reason for feeling pukish when you avoid taking the drag as the first thing in the morning. This ‘kick’ may help you get over the heaviness from last night, but it’s changing your hormonal makeup drastically. You’re nauseous all the time, you’re feeling restless and not wakeful enough to work through the day! Well, sip up a lemonade, already!

#8 You think we all would die any day, so why so much drama

Well smokers, we’ve heard your philosophy talks and we’re no more ears to them. You’ve been young, wild, and free in your teens and your twenties, but moving towards the 30s calls for some serious responsibility.

Instead of stressing over it, kick this habit off and see your life change by leaps and bounds. Withdrawal symptoms are only temporary, but the new breath of life will be permanent.



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