Cleartrip is a Mumbai-based Web Travel company that has made travel a seamless experience for millions of Indians. Started in 2006, it has been quite a journey for the founders, Mr Hrush Bhatt, Stuart Crighton and Mathew Spacie.

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Want to know what they are? Then read on as we unravel some best-kept secrets about the successful travel website, Cleartrip. What’s more, these facts about Cleartrip along with some awesome Cleartrip coupons come exclusively to you through CashKaro, so you can thank us later!

#1 Cleartrip Started Its Services Without Offering Discounts to Customers

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While every other travel retailer targets customers with huge discounts on flight bookings, Cleartrip focused on giving customers crystal clear information on different airline offers and price comparisons among different flights, hotels and bus bookings so that you can choose without any doubts. Cleartrip’s website has always been a favourite among users for its simplicity and the availability of the right information at the right place and at the right time. Don’t believe us? Just Google it and you’ll be surprised about the fact too.

#2 Matthew Spacie was the COO of Cox n’ Kings Before Founding Cleartrip

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After coming to India in 1986 and working at Cox n’ Kings for more than a decade, Matthew Spacie started working on building the Cleartrip website way back in 2005. Having worked with a renowned travel firm that’s Cox n’ Kings, he felt there was too much gap between the customer expectations with regard to flight bookings and the clutter already present in the web space around it. That’s what led to the launch of Cleartrip.

#3 It was Only After 9 Months That The Cleartrip Founders Got Funding

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From building a website to getting accurate data, the earliest challenges faced by Cleartrip were surely insurmountable but the biggest challenge the founders overcame were getting funded within the first year of starting operations. Hrush Bhatt recollects in an interview “ICICI was not going to give us any money and neither was anyone else. The big question was, how do we pull it off?”

#4 Stuart Crighton and Hrush Bhatt Built The Company Themselves Before The First Round of Funding

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Hrush Bhatt, a second-time founder with Cleartrip was a founder with sound business ethics. His decision to hire came in only after Cleartrip secured its first round of Funding and Bhatt also said later, “Stuart and I being the founders, worked on Cleartrip alone. It wasn’t like we could convince anyone to come and work without any salary.”

#5  Stuart Crighton, the present MD of Cleartrip is a Briton With an Indian Connection

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Stuart Crighton currently lives in Delhi and keeps moving back and forth between Delhi and Mumbai but long before that, he had been pursuing a successful career in the UK. What is even more surprising is that his father was born in Mysore and spent the first 15-16 years of his life here before joining the US Army. With Cleartrip taking the flight to success, Crighton shifted to Delhi and is settled here for close to two decades now.

#6 Matthew Spacie Left Cleartrip Exactly One Year After Its Launch

Although it’s widely known that Spacie separated from Cleartrip after founding it, it’s not known why he did it and what happened next. So we just uncovered now that Matthew Spacie was involved with his own NGO – Magic Bus for a long time and his stint at Cleartrip lasted just for a year after which received the MBE award and became an Ashoka Fellow, a TED Fellow and Fellow at The Asian Centre for Social Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy (ACSEP).

#7 Cleartrip Launched Its One and Only Mobile App For All Travel Bookings

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After giving customers 1-click bookings, the company launched the Cleartrip Mobile App in 2013. The Cleartrip Mobile App gives users all information on hotel bookings, flight timings, trains and buses with a smooth transition between different modes and accurate information required for bookings. The App stands out not just for its smooth user experience but also for its timely reminders after the bookings have been made.

#8 Cleartrip App Is Not Just A Travel Booking App Anymore
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In 2016, Cleartrip launched Cleartrip Local, a search portal for discovering things to do in your neighbourhood. This App-only feature gives users all the information to get easier access to hang-out places and amusement centres with its simple and useful App interface. So there’s hardly anything that can hold you back from trying the new Cleartrip App that makes life and travel so much easier!

So keep your Safar mode on and launch the vacay

Hope you like the amazing facts about clear trip you did not know.

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