If you’re someone who fell deeply for someone and recently celebrated your one of a kind love with the wedding of your dreams, Mazel tov to you! You embarked upon a beautiful journey with someone you know and trust. But (why does there always have to be a but?) even if you think you know your partner as much as someone can know someone else,  there can be a few surprises along the way. On that note, here are a few eye openers you might have or most probably will come across:

Your Habits Will Clash


Even if you’ve been together for a long time, living together is a whole new ball game. They don’t want a television in the bedroom, they don’t want to stay up late watching movies with you or they may not keep the room as clean as you’d like. In any case, you’re different people with different habits and these habits might be poles apart. Instead of locking horns with them, talk about it. Communication is EVERYTHING.

The Fights Intensify


You probably know this one. If you think you fight bad now, you’re in for quite the shock. Your fights are going to get worse. Maybe that’s got something to do with not being able to slam the phone in their faces and binge watching your favorite show. No, now you gotta stay in the same room with them even after a huge fight. So yeah, the fights are going to intensify. But you know what? So is the love.

You’ll Crave Alone Time


You might be shaking your head right now but trust me, you’re gonna want to get some time off from them. Just a day with your friends, parents or even on your own, you’re going to feel like you’re ALWAYS together. Remember, that’s not a bad thing. It’s natural and doesn’t mean you’re not in love anymore.

Changing Your Name Will Seem Like A Nightmare


Ladies, I’ll tell you right now – as much as you’ve doodled your first name with their last name on your notepad, actually having to change your name is going to be extremely difficult. Just getting used to your name not being your name anymore will make you not want to do it at all. And you know what? Not doing it is okay too.

It’s A Full Time Job


If you already have a full time job, congratulations! You just took on a whole new one. Building your marriage from scratch, even if you’ve been going out for ages takes a whole lot of effort. Understanding each other’s needs and adjusting them with yours while still being as loving as you always were can get a tad stressful. And you thought it was going to be easy?

You’ll Still Be Looking Around


Deny it as much as you’d like but you cannot help it. As much as you love your significant other, and how much ever they love you, neither of you will be able to curb your wandering eye. If there’s someone worth looking at, you’re going to look and so are they. Do not let this get to you. It’s normal and doesn’t mean you don’t love each other as much. Save the drama!

Waking Up Together Will Be Better Than The Nights


Not to undermine the nights, but waking up day after day with them right next to you will become your favorite thing ever. No matter how bad the previous day might have been, opening your eyes to them sleeping next to you will make everything seem worth it.

You Get A Permanent BFF


Finally, what no one’s going to tell you is that you’re not just getting a husband or a wife, you’re getting a BFF for life. You’re getting endless sleepovers, a constant movie night partner, a shoulder to cry on and someone who’s always there when you need a hand.

Long story short, marriage is confusing and tiring and completely awesome. Enjoy it with no regrets!

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