Owning a car isn’t only about long drives, it involves taking care of a lot of things. What all is there inside the car speaks a lot about the personality of the owner. The little things make a lot of difference.

Own these car accessories that will shout for you and say, ‘the owner has class’.

Car Meal Holder Tray 


We all enjoy quick snack meals on the go but to manage the same given the roads in India gets very tricky. Most of the time, we end up spoiling the interiors. Car meal and drink cup holder tray gives you the freedom to enjoy every morsel of the meal. Just lock it with the headrest and you’re good to go.

Anti-Slip Dashboard Grip Pad


*put something on the dashboard*

*falls downs*

We all have been there and done that a thousand time. Buy an anti-slip dashboard grip and it will not happen again.

Car Trash Bin

car trash bin

Half of the weekend is spent cleaning the mess which piles up over the week. Install a car trash bin because a messed-up car is a big turn-off.

3M Car Care Kit


It is one of the must car accessories every car owner should possess. This 3M care kit includes car wash shampoo, dashboard dresser, liquid wax, tyre dresser, and microfibre cloth. With a cost of Rs 980, you get the essential cleaning kit.

Wheel Tray/Desk


Why should passengers have all the fun? A steering wheel desk gives the driver some freedom to enjoy his on-the-go meal. The tray has a cup holder to place the drink.

Amazon Dual USB Car Charger


Charge two devices with AmazonBasics dual USB car charger. It is compatible with both apple and android devices.

Classytek Car Mount


At times, the mobile phone gets lost under parking receipts and other documents. Keep the phone in front of your eyes with Classytek car mount. The mount has 360 degrees rotating neck which helps to operate the device from anywhere in the car.

Godrej Car Freshener


No one likes the stinky smell of the leather seats or that of a new car. Keep the interior cheerful with Godrej car freshener. It is crafted with gel technology which makes it spill-proof. Also, available in multiple fragrances which can last for 60 days.

Bobble Head


Fancy a bobble head for your car for it is so much fun to have one.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how classy are you?

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