If you are 5’8”, you are considered short by the fashion industry’s standards. The sartorial woes of short men are so many! From shirts that are too long when worn untucked to cuffing every pair of pants you own, you will be hard-pressed to find anything off the rack which doesn’t need some major alterations. To help you create an illusion of being taller than you actually are, we’re sharing the best style advice with you. Make your next shopping trip easier by following the below listed guidelines:

No baggy, low-rise trousers

Let us begin by addressing the elephant in the changing room: trousers. Avoid baggy and low-rise trousers. They make your torso look longer which in turn cuts your body into half. As a result of which, your legs look shorter. In order to maximize your leg line, opt for trousers that fit at your natural waistline.

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Favour a monochrome palette

We all know about this: By removing contrasting shades and visual clutter, we create an optical effect that lengthens and slims your figure. It’s best to stick to same color family and choose from different contrasting shades in it. Even an all-Black outfit can cut a few inches from your height. Reserve the lighter colors for top and darker shades for bottom. Teaming dark trousers with light shirts helps in creating an illusion of long legs.

2- monochrome palette

Keep in mind the length of your shirt

You should always go for tucking in your shirt but the few times you don’t, you should ensure that it doesn’t go past your hipbone. Otherwise, it will cover up most of your legs and make you look short. On the other hand, a tucked in shirt will not just make your legs look longer but will also help you look sharper.

3- length of shirt

Opt for slim fit clothes

Get a sleek and tall look by going with slim fit clothes. Think of skinny jeans and slim fit shirts. While skinny jeans might not be your cup of tea, slim fit shirts can be easily worn. Slim fit shirts have been designed in a manner to cut closely to the body for a sharp and fitted look. Also, keep sleeve widths in mind. Slimmer sleeve widths create the picture of longer and leaner arms.

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Make friends with a long top coat

Short men face a lot of problems when it comes to choosing a long top coat: Bulky looks, long sleeves, oversized silhouette and what not! The only aspect to keep in mind when scanning long top coats is to opt for one that doesn’t travel past the mid-thigh area. Do not ignore the shoulder-to-arm ratio because lengthy sleeves can cut short the length of your arms.

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Your shoe choices matter

Your choice of shoes cannot be ignored if you want to create a lengthening effect. Pointed shoes help elongate the feet visually, which is why they make a great choice for short men. You also need to keep the color in mind. The lower the contrast of shoes with trousers, the higher is the illusion in length created. This is because blatant opposites break the length.

5- pointed shoes

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Pay attention to accessories

You know the drill: To make someone’s eyes travel upwards in order to look taller, you need to maintain distance from anything that draws attention below your chest. This is why you must stay clear of items like belts with big buckles, glitzy watches and other flamboyant accessories. Apart from choosing a slim belt, keep the color of your socks and trousers same. If you want to inject some color in your outfit, do it through bright hats and scarves which will draw attention towards your face. Hats are also an amazing way to look a bit taller.

Vertical stripes

Opt for shirts in vertical stripes pattern to fake a few extra inches to your height. You can find this pattern in shirts as well as t-shirts.

6- vertical stripes

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Have a go-to tailor

Having a tailor you can rely on is a must. You will always struggle with finding that perfect piece of clothing which would need no alterations. A good tailor can customize it for you so that it fits like a dream.

If nothing else works, maybe some leg pulling would. Good luck with that!

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