As common Indian citizens, we’ve grown up hearing that those that lived off tax-payers money never really did their job. Cut to 2014, the historic win of Narendra Modi and his colleagues, the situation changed. Even the Indian Embassy was affected; the Ministry of External Affairs got a character refinement. Work started happening, people stranded found respite and the transformer of the workings of the MEA was a woman who worked out of her ways to drive this change is an iron-woman, better known as Sushma Swaraj, The Minister of External Affairs!

Here are 9 instances when came to the rescue of people irrespective of their nationality, gender, race, religion, and became an icon for humanity.

Charanya Kannan Fiasco

A young woman studying at the Harward Business School was mugged off her valuables including her passport in Tanzania where she went for a collegiate course. She wrote about this terrible experience as a Facebook status update and the next morning, she got a new passport and was able to fly back to the US to continue with the degree.

This tweet says it all:

Death of Khushi Shah and Abis Hasan Rizvi at the Istanbul Terror Attack

Fashion designer Khushi Shah and Mumbai realtor Abis Hasan Rizvi were amongst the 39 who were shot at a night club late night on Jan 1st 2017. Miss Swaraj not only conveyed the sad news to the respective families but also ensured easy passport generations of the family members to reach Istanbul and carry out the last rites.

Have we seen a Minister of such a supreme office climb to such levels of compassion? Clearly not!

Distraught father of 2-day old baby fighting heart disease

Republic day was a holiday for everyone in India, but Sushma ma’am didn’t think she was off-duty. A father flabbergasted with the birth of his baby boy with congenital heart disease requiring an immediate surgery tweeted for help. It was none other than the External Affairs Minister who came to their rescue even though it wasn’t her official portfolio.


Miss Swaraj’s Warning to Amazon Regarding Tricolour Doormats

The Minister doesn’t stop at helping out Indians alone, she stands for the thought of ‘India’, the country, the tricolour and everything associated with it. Earlier this year, she said in an official statement to Amazon that its employees will be ripped off their visas and benefits if Amazon doesn’t shelve off its sale of Tiranga doormats.

Respecting the wishes of our elders

Kantaben Shah, residing with her son in Talsa, Oklahoma as an American citizen was sent to India by her younger son with an expired visa that ended on Aug 15th 2016. Now after reaching India, the Immigration desk at the Ahmedabad Airport issued her a temporary visa as per the norms. When Sushma Swaraj read about it, she responded back with assurance thus facilitating Kantaben ji to fulfil her wish to stay in Ahmedabad in the last leg of her life.

Ghana couple requesting visa extension

A four-year-old African origin girl with cerebral palsy was under treatment in Allahabad when her parents’ visas expired on Feb 2nd 2017. They tweeted to the MEA for extending their visas and Sushma Ji has responded with assurance.

We have a Parliamentarian who is truly a Good Samaritan!

The case of the disabled daughters

A petition was filed by Subbalakshmi, a 70 year-old mother of 2 disabled daughters for facilitating their passport generation so that they can stay with their brothers in the US who would be able to take care of them. This tweet tells us so much about Sushma ji’s love for daughters.

Helping daughters from Pakistan reach home

Just after joining back to office after a tough kidney transplantation surgery, Miss Swaraj stunned hatemongers by a warm gesture towards a convoy of Pakistani girls who came to Chandigarh to participate in the Global Youth Festival 2016. Swaraj touched the hearts of the Indian janta with her heart-warming tweet:

Bashing unsolicited requests of an Indian Mard

Recently, a man apparently requested to Sushma ma’am for help with his wife’s passport to which she replied:

This made a techie husband in Pune send out a note to Swaraj’s Twitter feed to give him the same benefit too – that of ending his ‘banwas’. But Sushma ji’s reply was unabashedly bold, just the way unsolicited requests should be dealt with.

All of these incidents have shown us how zealous her compassion is and how a person of this stature can utilize power to the good society expects from them!

We’re totally inspired and we do wish this rocker of a parliamentarian, a very happy birthday and equally awesome life ahead!

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