We spend hours navigating through the clothing aisles in a store for welcoming some pieces to our wardrobe. But could we be damaging our efforts by making some seemingly trivial yet major mistakes along the way? Turns out, we are! Scoring that perfect attire is more than just our eyes scanning through the fabric and design. The real battle begins when we step inside the fitting room to try them and end up tossing even the good ones because we didn’t know about the tactics to be adopted. Here is a list of nine mistakes you must avoid when trying clothes in a trial room:

Not taking the sit-down test

Once you have finally found the picture-perfect apparel, it can be easy to overlook other aspects, like sitting down and finding how the attire looks from different angles. Also, the sit-down test is particularly more useful when you’re trying a pair of jeans and need to see whether the waistband is comfortable or not. If you are trying a shirt, sit and see whether the buttons gape or not.

Not taking multiple sizes

There are no standard sizes for women’s clothing in different brands, which is why you must take different sizes with you when you go to the trial room. Even in one brand, you will be surprised to see that the sizes differ. Always carry a size up or down so that you can find out how both the fits look on you and make a better decision. Because you know, it’s the little details that matter!

not taking multiple sizes
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Not wearing the right lingerie

Sometimes, the problem isn’t with the fit of the dress but rather with the lingerie you are wearing. Wearing the correct lingerie under any outfit is crucial and you must take care of it. If you’re trying a tricky piece of clothing and aren’t wearing the right bra, visit the lingerie section before you head to the trial room. Grab the correct one and only, then proceed.

Not taking advantage of the mirrors

The multi-panel mirrors are there for a reason. To get a clear idea on how your dress looks from every angle, look into each mirror. This way, you will be able to assess the problem areas in a much better manner.

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Not devoting the time needed for it

You need to admit that shopping on weekends or holidays is a pain. The reason being that the customers as well as attendants are impatient since the queue line is long. The mounting pressure gets to you and you take home the wrong pieces. Needless to say, you make a visit again to return them and waste more time. If you can’t afford to shop on weekdays, make it a point to get as early as you can to the malls to avoid the long waiting lines.

Not trying different brands

We all have our favourite brands which we keep coming back to. Although there’s nothing wrong about it, you need to keep experimenting. The look of brands as well as the cut of their clothing changes over time. You might even notice a drop in the quality of a brand you have stuck to since many years.

Not asking for shoes

We’re not asking you to buy a new pair of shoes for every dress you decide to take home. But sometimes the only thing coming between your decision-making process and that ideal dress is the right pair of shoes. That power suit you just tried might need a pair of sky-high heels to accentuate its look. Ask for help from an attendant and see if you can try it with heels available at the store.

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Not paying attention to the lighting

Lighting plays a key role in deciding how your outfit actually looks. Most of the times, the fluorescent lighting inside the fitting room will make your outfit look stunning. To get the most accurate representation, step outside and check yourself in the mirrors that are blessed with softer lighting.

Not remembering about alterations

Getting a dress in a perfect fit is nothing less than a fairytale come true. For the less fortunate, especially petite people, always focus on the parts which will need alterations. To find out if the dress will look good after it has got the right measurements, bring some pins and use them to lend your dress the look you desire.

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Erase these mistakes and say goodbye to the feeling of being overwhelmed after spending hours in the trial room.

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