Just as the insightful metaphor suggested, history is surely repeating itself, fashion history that is. Whether you like it or not, fashion staples from the 90s are coming back and taking over. Currently, runways are bustling with ‘fashion that used to be’ and to be honest – we love it! So here it is, 90s styles that have emerged on top in the 2010s starring none other than the 90s fashion queen – Rachel Green.


Seriously, how adorable does she look in these cute denim overalls? If you own a pair of these today, you’re doing quite well fashionwise. Pair them with sweatshirts and platforms for a hipster look or go with a cute tee and sneakers for a sporty- chic statement.

Leopard Print

Leopard Print

This one’s a tricky print but when it comes to styling, Rachel can do no wrong. See how she uses one piece with the print and goes monochrome for the rest of her outfit? That’s exactly what you need to do to not come on too strong with such prints. Try a leopard print jacket, shoes or simply a bag but always stick to just one piece.

Slip Dresses

Slip Dresses

No one but Jen could pull off a dress that looks like it belongs only in the bedroom with so much panache. In 2017, the slip dress is an essential we grudgingly adore and flaunt. The slinky look results in an oh-so-feminine silhouette and is a perfect outfit for the minimalistic look.



To say sneakers are ‘popular’ would be an understatement because the quintessential sneaker has stormed runways since 2016. Rachel’s white sneakers were on point back in the 90s and are all the rage today. Style them with anything from dresses to formal pantsuits for an out-of-the-ordinary look.


Pinstripe Pantsuit

Bringing a little masculine dressing into our own wardrobes is none too big a deal as pantsuits are becoming a phenomenon across international runways. Now, we’re not saying we don’t love how Rachel pulls off the block black, but the 2017 fashion police would like it if you stuck to pinstripes – the It-pattern of our times.

When it comes to matters of style, trust Rachel. Coz she’ll be there for you!

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