A Beginner’s Guide To Jumpsuits: How To Choose The Right One For The Right Occasion

Jumpsuits are hands-down one of the best things ever invented for women. Be it a party, a date, a formal event, going out with friends or even work, jumpsuits are really comfortable and can be worn for any occasion. Hence, we believe that it is an essential item in a woman’s wardrobe. We have picked out the top 5 types of jumpsuits that Club Factory offers that every girl needs to own.

This blog also talks about how to choose the perfect type of jumpsuit for different occasions:

Straight Jumpsuits

Perfect for women with a busty figure, straight jumpsuits can be worn for work, when going out for shopping or even when hanging out with friends. Wear it with a pair of block heels or wedges to create a fancier look.


Playsuit is the love child of a mini dress and a jumpsuit. It is the cutest, yet the sexiest, type of jumpsuit to exist and makes the ideal outfit for dance parties and clubbing. Check out the different variants of playsuits on Club Factory and buy them using Club Factory coupons to earn cashbacks!

Culotte Jumpsuits

Culotte jumpsuits are one of the most popular types of jumpsuits. Not only do they accentuate your legs, but they also make them look long and slender. Paired with stilettos or pumps, culotte jumpsuits create the flawless date-night look.

Blazer Jumpsuits

Paired with high heels or stilettos, blazer jumpsuits can be quite stylish, yet formal. You can wear it to meetings, office parties or any other formal events. Club Factory offers a variety of blazer jumpsuits in different fabrics.

Denim Jumpsuits

Denim jumpsuits are super comfy and can be worn on any casual occasion. Paired with white sneakers, they are sure to make you look cool. Suitable for all body types, they highlight your best features.

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