A Journal for Your Thoughts

With the New Year having just crossed us, a lot of people make resolutions. I’m sure there are mainly two resolutions made every year, one of which we fail instantly and one which we attempt for a bit longer. The former happens to be gymming and working out, while the latter is journaling and constantly writing down our thought.

For some, this is second nature, while others get attuned to it over time. The base ingredient for any person who’s journaling is, of course, a notebook of sorts. Lucky for us, Big Basket has a huge sale going on for notebooks and journals. Here are some of the best.

Cubic Digital Hardbound Executive New Year Diary 2020

For people who like to stay on top of things and being organised, planners are very important. This is a Diary which can also double as a planner. It is hardbound and filled with useful messages. Plan your year perfectly with this diary. Get it now using Big Basket coupons for even better discounts.

Paperkraft Notebook – Small

One of the key features of a diary or journal is that it’s small and you can carry it around anywhere. This journal from Paperkraft is perfect for all your requirements. With a very sleek black cover, this is a notebook you’ll want to carry around. Get it using Big Basket offers.

Classmate Notebook – Six Subject, Ruled, Pulse

What’s better than to have one notebook you can use for multiple purposes. This notebook can be divided into up to 6 sections, meaning you can use it for 6 purposes and not be confused. It is best for college students. Buy it using Big Basket coupon code for amazing deals on it.

Karma Notebook – A4, White, Ruled

Only some notebooks look cute on the outside. This is one of the few that does. With a very pretty floral cover, this notebook is perfect for all your journaling work. A-4 in size, it is just the right size for a day worth of thoughts. Use CashKaro’s Big Basket coupons for gaining the most savings.

CashKaro has a lot of other Big Basket offers for you to use. Buy all your journals needed for this year with the Big Basket voucher codes and save whilst you still can.

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