A system software that manages a computer’s hardware and software resources is what we call an operating system. To make your computer more efficient, you need to have the best operating system. So we present you the list of “types of operating system” to choose the best suited for you.

Batch Operating System

A batch operating system has no direct interaction with the computer. An operator groups similar jobs into batches. Batch systems can be shared by multiple users. Managing large works is easier. Its examples include Payroll System, Bank Statements etc.

Time Sharing Operating Systems

For smooth functioning, each task is given a certain time to be performed. Each user uses CPU at a different time as they use a single system. After each task, the operating system moves to the next task. It minimises the chances of duplication of tasks. Multics and Unix are Time Sharing Operating Systems.

Distributed Operating System

In Distributed Operating System autonomous computers interact through a shared network. It is a recent advancement. Each system has its own memory and CPU. It is possible to access files on other systems in the network. LOCUS is a Distributed Operating System

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Network Operating System

These Operating Systems manage data, users, groups, security, applications, and other networking functions. All the systems in the network are called tightly coupled systems. This is because every user is aware of the configuration. They are highly stable. Servers can be accessed across systems and locations. Microsoft, Unix, Linus are some of the examples.

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Real-Time Operating Systems

They are built for applications which have stringent time checks. Life-saving kits like automatic parachutes or airbags are built on this system where even a second’s delay could be fatal. These systems are error free. Task shifting happens very fast.

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