This isn’t a confession. This isn’t a story. This is one sincere long due thank you letter to someone who made us what we are today.

Hey Mom,

Thank you for keeping me sound and safe in your belly for 9 months. Thank you for bearing my uninvited kicks in there over the time. Thank you for bringing me into this world.

If I could even match one percent of what you did for me I would have become an angel of heaven. Thank you for all the bedtime stories. Thank you for the lullabies. Thank you for treating me like a prince. Without you, I wouldn’t even know what it is like to be one. Thank you for all the surprise kisses. Thank you for dropping me to the school in your arms. I still miss that.

Mother-Kid going school

I still remember when you used to offer me your loaf of bread when I was feeling a little more hungry and suddenly you were feeling a little less. Thank you for the ceaseless prayers and warms hugs. Thank you for being there by my side when I was feeling queasy. Thank you for believing in me when I was unable to believe in myself.


You leave no stone unturned to make the house a home, sweet home. You deal with endless chaos from dusk to dawn like a machine and still never crib. You are never afraid of those white curls in the pool of black. You carry those wrinkles valiantly likewise a soldier carries a scar. Thank you for being my favourite superhero.

You are the best chef I have ever seen. Thank you for the food you cook for all of us and smile while we eat it. Thank you for cloaking me into your arms when Father was scalding with rage about my mischievous deeds. Thank you for the unconditional love.

Mother and Child

And as you grow old mother, I promise to hold you close in the odd days of life. I promise to be there when nightmares haunt you in the middle of the night. They say paradise lies beneath the feet of a mother. I promise to live and thrive on this paradise while I still breathe. I promise to hold your hand firmly in the busy market like you used to. I’ll make sure I never run out of lullabies to get you to sleep. I’ll never abandon you. I promise to be the prince you raised me to be.

mothers day

With Utmost Love, Affection, and Respect,

Your little Sapling

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  1. Its awesome. I was lost in my childhood memories. The first thing I did after reading the blog was calling my maa and thanking her for everything. ❤️


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