As per the directives of the courts, the Indian Government has imposed a ban on thousands of websites. Restrictions earlier were imposed mostly on porn sites. Over the years the internet industry has seen restrictions on URLs and websites like Torrents, Cloud Sharing, Media and Audio Streaming Websites, etc. Around 64% users have also complained that they cannot access websites using their mobile internet. Amid all this hustle, users are continuously trying to access restricted content in India. While some have managed to crack this code, here we will tell you how you can access this content online using VPN.

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Easy Hacks To Access Restricted Content Online in India

What Is A VPN?

VPNs or Virtual Private Networks allow you to access all content available online anonymously. VPN is a secure way that creates a private network to mask your IP address. This ensures a safe and encrypted connection that can close down all the ways in which your activity can be tracked by third parties, your Internet Service Providers and the Government.

What Can Happen If You Do Not Use A VPN?

Browsing online without a VPN can cost you a lot. An insecure Wi-Fi network can expose your private information including your browser history and frequently visited websites. Moreover, you won’t be able to access your favourite websites online without the help of a VPN. Any kind of data accessed without a VPN can be at a risk of being vulnerable to third parties and strangers.

1 Year VPN @ Rs. 259

VPN – A Secure Way To Crack The Code

A VPN, in simple terms, acts as an impenetrable tunnel between your local network and another IP address. They allow users the freedom to access any online content by showing that the user is at another location. This happens because a VPN directs your internet traffic through a remote server which could be located miles away from the place where the user actually is. A VPN securely encrypts your data and browsing history making it unreadable. This ensures a safe path for you to access content without the risk of being monitored by any third party or your own Internet Service Provider.

Offering ultimate security VPN routers use an IP address that is far different from yours, thus allowing online privacy and anonymity, all at once.

How To Integrate A VPN Service On Your Device?

You are just 4 steps away from accessing your favorite content online.

Step 1: Simply download a VPN software on your device

Step 2: Follow the procedure to set up the VPN

Step 3: Connect to any server other than that of India

Step 4: Once a secure connection is established, open the browser and visit the link you wish to access

That’s all you have to do to access content which you may not have been able to access without a VPN.

1 Year VPN @ Rs. 259

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