Activewear That Moves as You Groove

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Do you know the most annoying part of sports as a girl? I think all of us will agree that it’s the discomfort that comes with a non-supportive bra. It could end up being a very painful ordeal, which put us off the sport altogether.

But Zivame has got your back, quite literally. They have an amazing collection of activewear that will keep you comfortable and secure while you’re out having fun. Here’s a look at some of the best activewear bra that suits well for activities like running, dancing, Zumba and yoga.

Zelocity Sports Bra

This is a medium-impact sports bra to prevent bounce. It is the perfect bra to wear on a short walk or for yoga. It had padding which can be removed and added as per your convenience. Get it now using Zivame coupons and avail awesome deals. This bra also has compression which holds your muscles in place, making it perfect for your workout.

Jockey Low Impact Non-Padded Sports Bra

This is a low impact bra, making it just right for light activities like yoga and pilates. It has no compression, meaning it will mould to your skin and feel like you’re not wearing anything at all. At the same time, it also provides excellent support. Use Zivame discount code to get yours.

Zelocity High Impact Sports Bra With Rib Movement Band

Are you a sportswoman who plays a sport that involves a lot of movement? Maybe a dancer? This is the perfect bra for you. It has high-impact, preventing bounce and thereby, pain. The Rib Movement band allows free movement and doesn’t interfere with your breathing. It is perfect for dancers. Buy it now with Zivame offers. It being instant-dry, it doesn’t any moisture or sweat to retain.

Jockey Low Impact Sports Bra

If you’re a regular practitioner of yoga, then you’ve got to own multiple of this bra. It is seamless, meaning if you’re wearing tight clothes, the stitch lines won’t show. This makes it the perfect option for ballet as well. Use CashKaro’s Zivame discount codes to stock up.

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