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Spices and masalas are an indispensable part of Indian cuisine. We are so used to the blend of flavours in our dishes that we term a dish that has gone light on the masalas ‘bland’. You can shop for a variety of spices, seeds, masalas and seasonings from Amazon Pantry.

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Masala Powders

Our dishes are incomplete without the masalas that give it the flavour and richness. It is important to choose the masalas from good brands so as to avoid the risk of any kind of adulteration. Checkout all the dry masala powders from the top trusted brands, available on Amazon Pantry.

Checkout on Amazon Pantry: Tata Sampann Turmeric Powder Masala, Tata Sampann Coriander Powder Masala


A variety of spices are grown across the subcontinent to suit the varying tastes of different regions. These spices are used to add flavour to our dishes in different forms – whole, chopped, ground, roasted, or fried. Purchase all your favourite spices from Amazon Pantry at the best possible prices and discounts.

Amazon Pantry offer products: Amazon Brand – Vedaka Cumin (Jeera) Seed, Vedaka Coriander (Dhania) Seeds, Vedaka Mustard Seeds (Rai)

Rock Salts

A dish without salt isn’t a dish at all! But are you using the right salt? The iodised salts you get commonly in the markets can be replaced with a less artificial alternative. Switch to natural rock salt, right from the Himalayas, organically grown without pesticides and fertilizers available Amazon Pantry. They don’t contain unwanted additives and are instead rich in natural trace minerals like potassium, calcium and magnesium and hence provide the necessary nutrition needed in our diets.

Checkout on Amazon Pantry: Natural Tattva Rock Salt, Tata Rock Salt with crusher

Maggi Masala Magic

Give a delicious twist to your dishes using Maggi Magic Masala! Made with perfectly blended and roasted aromatic spices, it makes your ordinary dishes taste extraordinary! It also provides 16% of the daily requirement of Vitamin A, iron and iodine to our diets. Just sprinkle a sachet of Maggi Masala Magic 2-3 minutes before you wrap up the cooking.

Amazon Pantry offer product: MAGGI Masala-Magic Veg, 72g Pouch

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