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Adidas Launches Fully Recyclable Running Shoes

The renowned sportswear giant, Adidas has introduced 100% recyclable performance running shoes. To encourage sustainability efforts, the brand has partnered with Parley- an organisation that deals with threats to the world’s oceans. It is exciting to witness that the company has released the first high-performance product named Futurecraft.Loop, as part of this recyclable collection. The one-material running shoes are made completely using ocean plastic- thermoplastic polyurethane, with the help of Adidas’s Speedfactory Technology. The company highlights that consumers can return the recyclable shoes to Adidas when the product is no longer in use. The product will then be broken down into pellets to form a new pair using all the components, thus promoting zero waste.

According to Eric Liedtke, the Executive Board Member at Adidas, ‘FUTURECRAFT.LOOP is the first running shoe that is made to be remade’. 200 leading creators from across the world will be the first to gain access to the pair for the purpose of testing and feedback. The firm has addressed this idea as a ‘transformative’ move and aims to produce 11 million pairs of shoes with ocean plastic by Parley, in the year 2019.



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