Airbnb Experiences

Airbnb changed the face of travel ten years ago, and now with its “Experience” feature launched two years ago, it is offering you things to do on a vacation along with a place to rest.  There are thousands of experiences around the world which you can book on Airbnb, from walking with the wolves to aerial yoga, flying a vintage plane and many more. As said by Airbnb’s CEO – Brian Chesky, this feature is growing 10 times faster than its core home rental business. The company vets and ensures specific protocol, licenses and regulations to ensure the experiences are safe. The competition for this Experience program includes legacy hotel chains like Marriott, which launched its “Moments” program recently. Fortune’s senior editor Leigh Gallagher commented that Airbnb is banking a part of its future on a market that is still in its infancy. He continued, by saying that experiences were not what everyone needs so they have to manufacture the demand in some ways, which is not easy. Chesky replied to that by saying that we don’t travel to sleep in a house or a hotel, we travel to have experiences.

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