Source: Globalization and Localization Association (GALA)

Domestic airlines have started using eco-friendly cutlery and bottles as part of airlines’ responsibility towards a more sustainable environment. This shift is largely seen as a compliance with Maharashtra Government’s decision to restrict plastic usage. However, there is still some confusion on whether these domestic carriers come under the purview of the state order.

Vistara has proclaimed that it will reduce plastic consumption by more than 50 percent in 2018. GoAir has quit using plastic cutlery. Also, Air India is thinking of using bone china or paper instead of plastic cutlery. However, Jet Airways is still considering the Government’s decision to minimise plastic usage to effect compliance.

Single disposable items such as spoons, forks, cups and glasses have been banned from further use.

Vistara has claimed that it is the first and only Indian carrier to offer its flyers  oxo- biodegradable cutlery with meals served in FSC certified meal boxes.

According to a Jet Airways spokesperson, most of the equipment used in onboard services is reusable with airlines taking active participation to lessen its environmental impact. Use of paper cups, bio-degradable bags as well as insulated boxes for hot and cold edibles are some of changes being effected.




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