Approximately three years after the original wireless AirPods, this technological mega-giant once again came up with an upgrade. But, this time, it’s all about the new version of AirPods. Apparently, the latest set of AirPods Pro costs $50 more than its predecessor. However, the new, upgraded model ensures a variety of alluring features, including better sound quality, improved design, active noise cancellation, and more.

Now the question arises – should you bite the bullet and invest in AirPods Pro? Would upgrading be a good option? The best part is that you can find awesome Amazon offers and coupons while buying the AirPods Pro via CashKaro. Let’s find out!

Design & Aesthetics:

If you faced problems with fitting AirPods seamlessly into your ears, this redesigned upgrade is all you need. Each pair has three different sets of silicone tips, designed in different sizes – small, medium, and large.

Also, the new AirPods hang comfortably in your ears. This is undoubtedly a plus point for all those who experience discomfort while using the earlier design. Having said that, Apple has also rectified several other aspects aesthetically, including the usage of silicone tips and ergonomic design.

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Noise Cancellation:

Unlike the previous version, AirPods Pro provides a noise cancellation feature, adjustable to suit the requirements. All it requires is a subtle hold of the stem to snap in and out of the active noise muffling. After that, you can either get noise-cancelling or transparency mode.

The transparency mode is quite useful, especially if you want to listen to music while not getting disconnected from the outer world. One good thing about the upgraded version is that it doesn’t amplify the outside noise and offers a complete balance.

Battery Life:

Approximately, AirPods Pro provides the same hours of charging as the previous version. However, if you are using noise cancelling technology, you may end up losing some time there. When ultimately charged, the charging case provides a listening time of more than 24 hours. Each of the AirPods Pro gives at least five hours of listening, with noise-cancelling or transparency off.

With these two features on, you’ll get roughly four and a half hours of listening time. And, if you are using the hands-free mic for calling, you get the time of three and a half hours.

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So, Should You Upgrade to AirPods Pro?

Although you would have to pay an extra amount to buy this upgraded version, however, as far as features are concerned, you can ensure a meaty set of them. In comparison with the previous version, the latest release seems much better. So, if you are willing to pay extra, know that it will be a worthy choice. Also, get awesome Amazon coupons, Amazon offers and an amazing CashKaro cashback on your shopping via CashKaro.

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