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Airtel broadband review: Bharti Airtel Limited is based out of New Delhi and operates in 16 countries across South Asia and Africa. The brand has been in the country since 1995 and is the largest mobile network operator in India.

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Airtel Broadband Reviews

Airtel Broadband Review – Installation

Airtel broadband prices start from Rs. 699 and can be installed at a price of Rs. 1000. Old users of BSNL, MTNL or any other service provider get a waiver for this installation fee. Airtel also provides free WiFi router to all new users.

Airtel Broadband Review – Speed

Airtel broadband provides a speed of upto 22.4 Mbps and makes it easy for you to stay connected in the digital world.

Airtel Broadband Review – Performance

Airtel provides a good streaming performance for music and others. However, the performance might deter at times when streaming involves two devices. The quality might drop to a lower version.

Airtel Broadband Review – Cost

If the prices of Airtel broadband are compared to others on the basis of speed and price, you might be paying a little over. However, with no frequent disconnections and better end results it might prove to be a good deal.

Airtel Broadband Review – Issues

Airtel counts downloads and uploads towards your FUP usage which might limit the bandwidth.

Airtel Broadband Review – Conclusion

You might want to give Airtel Broadband a try and choose from various plans. With fast speed and good performance it is one of the best broadband service provider.

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