How to Change Airtel Digital TV (DTH) Package – Change Airtel DTH Plans


Airtel DTH Plan Change: How To Change Package (Pack) in Airtel Digital TV?

Are you an Airtel subscriber and looking for how to change your Airtel DTH plan? If yes, this piece of information is exactly what you need. We provide you with steps for your Airtel DTH plan change.

Airtel is an Indian telecommunications provider company which ranks second in India and third in the world. It has over 300 million subscribers over the world and is a trusted brand. Airtel also provides its customers with DTH television service. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you with Airtel DTH package change.

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1How To Change Airtel DTH Plan? 

  • Airtel DTH Plan Change Step 1: Log on to Airtel’s website
  • Airtel DTH Package Change Step 2: Enter your registered mobile number. You will get an OTP via SMS.
  • Airtel Digital TV Plan Change Step 3: Enter the OTP and log in to your airtel account.
  • Airtel DTH Plan Change Step 4: Select the DTH symbol on the left hand side and then go to the ‘Connections’ tab.
  • Airtel DTH Package Change Step 5: Select the ‘Change Base Pack’ option.
  • Airtel Digital TV Plan Change Step 6: Choose the plan you wish to have.
  • Airtel DTH Package Change Step 7: Click the ‘Get It’ icon and pay online.

Airtel DTH Recharge

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2Airtel DTH Plan Change FAQs:

Is it easy to change Airtel DTH plan?

Yes, it is very easy to change Airtel DTH plan. You can do it by following the steps given above. You should also see how to add Airtel DTH channel in case you need to add an individual channel instead of changing your entire pack.

Is it important to have a registered phone number to change the plan?

Yes, it is necessary for you to have a registered number as the SMS containing the OTP before changing the plan will be sent to it.

Can I Change to an HD Airtel Plan?

Yes, you can change to an HD Airtel plan, provided you have a set top box and a Tv that allows HD streaming. You can see all the different Plans & Airtel DTH Channel Numbers in case you wish to watch HD channels.

In case you do not have an HD connection, it would help you if you read our simple guide that shows how to HD upgrade Airtel DTH connection.

Is the Airtel app user-friendly?

It is very simple to use the Airtel app. You can do all the changes you want to make without any hassle.

Can I change my plan to South Airtel Plan?

If you are living in south India, you will be required to recharge your account with Airtel DTH south packs

Should I Check My Balance Before Changing My Airtel DTH Plan?

Yes! If you still have remaining balance then it might be waste to change your Airtel DTH plan. You can read here about how to check Airtel DTH account balance so that you never waste a penny!

Don’t forget to check the latest DTH offers online. 

Airtel DTH Recharge

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