Airtel DTH Remote Control: Price, Features & Review

Airtel is India’s second most valuable telecommunications brand that has spread its wings in the field of television too. Airtel’s digital TV proved to be quite a rage among its customers. If you are one such subscriber who is looking for Airtel DTH remote control features, then you have landed at the right page.  This blog gives a detailed review of Airtel DTH remote control along with its features and price.

Airtel DTH Remote Control: Airtel DTH Remote Price, Features & Review

Airtel DTH Remote NameAirtel Digital TV Universal Remote
Airtel DTH Remote PriceRs. 250
Airtel DTH Remote Size7 cm x 1.6 cm x 0.2 cm
Airtel DTH Remote Weight59 g
Airtel DTH Remote ColourBlack
Airtel DTH Remote Power SourceBatteries

Airtel DTH Remote Control Features

  • 3 V power supply
  • Requires AAA sized batteries
  • Can control DVB-T boxes
  • Alphanumeric keys
  • Easily controllable

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Airtel DTH Remote Control Review

Airtel DTH Remote Control Pros:

  • Extremely affordable
  • Offers a good grip
  • Performs several functions
  • Good quality
  • The buttons are firm and don’t wear off even after long usage

Airtel DTH Remote Control Cons:

  • Isn’t water proof
  • No DVR controls
  • No backlit LED buttons

Airtel DTH Remote Control FAQs

Can I use this Airtel DTH remote for my television?

This Airtel DTH remote control is a universal remote. Therefore, you can use it to operate your set top box as well as your television set.

Is there a different Airtel Digital TV remote for Airtel HD connection?

When you upgrade to HD Airtel DTH connection, you will require a new remote.

Can I connect my Airtel DTH remote to my Samsung TV remote?

Yes, you can connect your Airtel DTH remote to your Samsung TV remote by following some easy steps.

Where can I buy this Airtel DTH remote from?

You can buy this Airtel DTH remote control from Amazon or Flipkart. If unavailable please feel free to call the Airtel Digital TV Helpline number for further assistance.

Is this an original Airtel product?

Yes, this is an original Airtel DTH remote control. Buy it from Amazon or Flipkart to save yourself from any discrepancy.

Can I Add Channels With my Airtel Digital TV Remote?

No! You cannot use your Airtel DTH remote to add new channels. However, you can learn here on how to add Airtel Digital TV channel

How Can I Check My Airtel DTH Balance Using the Remote?

To know your Airtel Digital TV account balance from your remote, you need to only follow the simple steps outlined in Airtel Digital Tv Balance Check

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