Airtel Prepaid to Postpaid – How to Convert my Airtel Prepaid Number?


Airtel Prepaid to Postpaid - How to Convert my Airtel Prepaid Number?

Airtel offers a hassle-free approach to its customers who want to convert their Airtel prepaid number to post-paid number. Before you opt to change your number from prepaid to postpaid, make sure to visit Airtel website or get in touch with Airtel’s customer service to know about the best postpaid plan that suits your needs. A charge of about Rs 250 is levied which is actually a security deposit for the conversion.

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1Airtel Prepaid to Postpaid Conversion – How to Switch in 3 EASY WAYS?

Sr.No Convert Airtel Prepaid to Postpaid Number Airtel Prepaid to Postpaid Number Details
1 Airtel Website to Convert Airtel Prepaid to Postpaid Number Visit
2 Send an SMS  to Convert Airtel Prepaid to Postpaid Number 1900
3 Visit Airtel Store directly to Convert Airtel Prepaid to Postpaid Number NA

 1.Airtel Prepaid to Postpaid – Visiting Airtel Website

Visit Airtel website and browse through various postpaid plans. You can then select a plan as per your needs. Please select the option “prepaid to postpaid”. Confirm your number and submit your upgrade request from prepaid to postpaid. An OTP will be generated which will be sent to the prepaid number. After successful verification, your prepaid number will be upgraded to postpaid number.

2. Airtel Prepaid to Postpaid – Generating A Unique Porting Code

You can send an SMS to 1900 mentioning PORT <space> your mobile number. You will receive a UTC code. Visit the nearest Airtel store and fill out the needed form as well as submit the requisite documents which is predominantly your Aadhar card.

3. Airtel Prepaid to Postpaid – Visit Airtel Store

Visit your nearest Airtel store with copies of your Aadhar card. Don’t forget to carry your original of Aadhar card. This is the only mandatory document that is required. Fill out the necessary application form and submit it. You will receive a new SIM for your postpaid connection. However, receiving a new SIM is not compulsory. You can continue using the same SIM. You will be required to switch off your mobile for a couple of hours. Upon restarting, you would have effectively converted your Airtel prepaid to postpaid connection.

2Airtel Prepaid to Postpaid – FAQs

3What are the Proofs Required to convert my Airtel Postpaid/Prepaid number?

Aadhar Card

4Can I Convert my Airtel Postpaid number to Prepaid by dialling Customer Care?

No. You need to submit your Aadhar card details for address verification for a postpaid conversion by visiting the nearest Airtel store.

5Benefits & Disadvantages of Converting Your Airtel Number from Postpaid to Prepaid


  • More savings per month by doing away with unjustified monthly bills
  • You can monitor your consumption pattern and recharge accordingly


  • Recharge is a struggle especially when travelling
  • Unlimited free calling not available
  • Need to keep minimum balance to avoid no balance situations in emergency situations


6Benefits & Disadvantages of Converting Your Airtel Number from Prepaid to Postpaid


  • Unlimited free calling
  • Processing and complaint redressal is easier


  • Offers and plans are less
  • Prepaid offers more flexibility where we can recharge as per usage and needs
  • Costlier postpaid plans

7How long does it take to get my New Airtel Prepaid / Postpaid Sim activated?

It takes about a couple of hours to get Airtel prepaid/ postpaid SIM activated

8Airtel Prepaid to Postpaid – Other Things to Keep in Mind

  • In case you are not able to furnish Aadhar card, then other documents like ID proof/ address proof can be submitted wherein the SIM will take 24 hours to get activated
  • A new postpaid connection can be availed without any charges if purchased online.
  • The main account balance in your prepaid account will be carried forward to postpaid balance and adjusted in your first postpaid bill. However, tariff plans and data balance of prepaid number will be forfeited.

Recharge Offers 

Check out Airtel Bill Payment Offers and Airtel Cashback offer to get the best deals.

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