Ajio’s Effortless Layers Styles Men’s Collection


With the summer fast approaching, it is time for you gents out there to buy shirts which can be worn during both winter and summer. How, you ask? Well, Ajio offers a collection of ‘effortless layers’ for men which essentially consists of shirts that you can mix and match with different T-shirts. You can wear these shirts over thermals and tees, under blazers or even by themself, whatever your mood dictates. The different pieces of this collection are categorized below.

Plain Shirts

Plain shirts are the best kind of shirts because they can be worn with pants for a formal look or with jeans for an informal look. You can also wear blazers or sweaters on top of them. Also, here’s a tip for you guys- ladies secretly love it when you wear a neatly ironed plain, dark-coloured shirt with the sleeves folded till below your elbows, and if you have toned arms with the outline of your veins visible, believe us, there’s nothing hotter!

Striped Shirts

Striped shirts can come in vertical or horizontal stripes. Vertical stripes tend to make you look leaner, in fact, the thinner the stripes are, the thinner you’ll look. Choose the kind of stripes based on your body type. If you’re someone with a broad build, you might want to go with thin vertical stripes. Wear a graphic T-shirt under an unbuttoned striped shirt and look uber cool.

Plaid Shirts

Go old-school, country-style with plaid shirts from Ajio! Just pair them with some black trousers and you can never go wrong. Leave it unbuttoned with a plain black or white tee under it for a stylish party look. Get cashbacks with Ajio coupons on the purchase of plaid shirts from the ‘effortless layers’ men’s collection.


A shacket is a hybrid of a shirt and a jacket, just like the name suggests. They can make your chest look broader and can give the illusion of a broad, muscular build. They go with most T-shirts and trousers, jeans and pants, and are hence, the perfect addition to any outfit. Shackets can be hooded or non-hooded, and generally come with a zip in the front.

Shepherds Checked Shirts

Shepherds checked shirt is a very popular type of checked shirt and is one of the very few types of checked shirts which can be worn in formal settings. They can also be worn unbuttoned over a T-shirt with some trousers or shorts for a casual, sporty look. Use Ajio discount codes to buy checked shirts at low prices.

Check out incredible Ajio offers on the ‘effortless layers’ men’s collection. Like pieces from other collections, these are 100% handpicked, quality assured products. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and grab Ajio coupons on the purchase of different shirts and use Ajio discount codes to buy them at cheap prices!


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