At the IFA trade show in Berlin, Toshiba announced that in 2019, a majority of its smart TVs for the European market such as OLED and LCD will offer the capability to listen for Alexa voice commands without employing the remote.

Simple tasks such as adjusting volume, channels, inputs, playing music, launching apps, movie suggestions etc can be done with voice commands. Users can also get access to several Alexa skills developed by third parties. This would be possible as such TVs will have built-in far-field microphones constantly listening to the Alexa based commands similar to that of an Echo Speaker.

However, such TVs would be offered only in Europe. No current TVs in the US offer such a far-fetched technology. The present-day Toshiba Fire TV models require users to either talk into the mic or include an Echo Speaker.

Many Toshiba televisions will be able to offer Amazon Dash replenishment at setup. Hence, they will have the capability to automatically reorder remote control batteries when the TV finds out that the current set of batteries need to be replenished.


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