It can be a demotivating experience to be the skinniest guy in the gym. Looking at big guys with big muscles can make you feel really small. Maybe you just started going to the gym or maybe your body is such that gaining weight and building those bulging biceps is not easy. Being really fat is just as bad.

Well, let go of your worries for we have a solution for you that works like a charm. Welcome to the beginners guide to whey protein. If you follow all our recommendations, you will see results that you have always dreamed off.

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What is Whey Protein?

Whey protein is a by-product formed during the process of cheese making. Casein and whey are the two important protein constituents of milk. Low in lactose and rich in 9 essential amino acids, Whey protein is a complete protein food. Made up of beta-lactoglobulin, alpha lactalbumin and immunoglobulins, Whey Protein promotes weight loss and lowers cholesterol.

Benefits Of Whey Proteins

Whey Protein is an excellent source of good protein in the body. It has many benefits. Some of them are listed here:

Promotes the Protein Intake

Whey Protein is very high in Protein content. It is loaded with essential amino acids, leucine and cysteine. These amino acids are the primary growth protein in the body.

Increases Muscle Mass Strength

Whey stimulates the muscle formation, secretion of hormones that initiates muscle growth, as it is absorbed in the body at a much faster rate.

Promotes Weight Loss

Proteins have been proven to increase the metabolic rate and reduce appetite. As Whey Protein is absorbed in the body at a much faster rate, it even aids in weight loss.

Lowering Blood Pressure

Consuming Whey protein helps in controlling the symptoms of hypertension. Whey consists of bioactive peptides called lactokinins, which aids in the blood pressure lowering process.

Treatment of Diabetes

Whey Protein is said to help a great deal in lowering the blood sugar levels in the body. it aids in the secretion of insulin in the blood stream, which helps in lowering the effects of type 2 Diabetes.

Reduces Inflammation

Whey Protein can be of great help in curing chronic inflammation. It reduces the level of C-reactive protein which aids in soothing the inflammation.

Acts As An Antioxidant

Whey Protein acts as an antioxidant and neutralises the effects of the oxidants and free radicals in the body, keeping it healthier and younger.

Reduces Cholesterol Levels

Cholesterol is one of the reasons for an unhealthy heart. It is the blood fat that causes the threat of cardiac arrest and other heart disease. Whey Protein reduces the level of cholesterol in the body, making the heart healthier.

Harmful Effects Of Whey Protein

Typically, Whey Protein does not have any harmful effects on the body. However, there might be certain harmful effects. Such as:

Lactose Intolerant

In case a person is allergic to milk and milk products, they should abstain from the use of it.

Digestive Issues

A moderate dose of Whey Protein in the diet is beneficial. Always remember that only a certain amount of protein is absorbed in the body, as over dose can cause problems like faster bowel movement, nausea and stomach aches.

Pregnancy and Lactation

Pregnant and lactating women should not be using Whey Protein, as not enough research has been conducted on the same.


An overdose of Whey Protein can also cause hair loss and acne.

It cannot be stressed enough that these side effects are only observed when whey protein is over consumed. If you take it in the right quantity, you will never experience any side effects.

Types Of Whey Protein

There are different types of Whey protein. The difference is due to the process by which they are extracted.

Whey Protein Concentrate

It has a concentration of 70%-80% protein. It has the best flavour, as it contains some lactose (milk sugar) and fats. It has a very low level of carbohydrates.

Whey protein isolate

It has a concentration of 90% protein. It is further processed to remove fats and lactose. It even lacks a certain amount of nutrients which are good for the body.

Whey protein hydrolysate

They are also called Hydrolyzed Whey, as they are already ‘pre-digested’. This property of Whey protein hydrolysate makes it easier to digest, making it useful in the manufacturing of medical protein supplements and infant formulas.

How to Choose the Best Whey Protein?

People use Whey Protein powders for various reasons. Some use it for building muscle, while others use it for weight loss. In order to get all the benefits of Whey protein, it is imperative to choose the right kind of Whey protein source that is available.Whey protein concentrate that is made from the milk of grass fed cows can be opted. Organic whey protein powder that is free of hormones, pesticides, gluten and artificial substances should be bought for consumption.

Uses of whey Protein

Whey protein has many uses to support healthy living.


Whey Protein can work as an anti-inflammatory to cure chronic inflammation in the body. It consists of C-reactive protein which aids in soothing the inflammation.


Whey protein works as an antioxidant in reducing the number of oxidants and free radicles in the body, keeping it looking younger and healthier.

Mass Gain

Whey Protein has amazing mass gain properties. It initiates the body building process.


Whey Protein aids the production of insulin in the body. Due to the higher levels of insulin, type 2 diabetes can be kept in check.

Frequently Asked Questions About Whey Protein 

Is whey protein dangerous for health?

No, whey protein is not dangerous at all. If consumed in the right quantity, there are no side effects of whey protein.

Is whey powder good for you?

Yes, whey powder is good for all those who wish to gain some muscle mass or are gym freaks.

Can whey protein make you fat?

Whey protein will not make you fat as long as it fits in your fitness regime. You need to be active physically in order to reap the best of its benefits.

Does whey protein have side effects?

No, there have been no reported side effects of whey protein if taken in the right quantities. However, overconsumption may lead to digestive issues, hair loss and acne. People who are lactose intolerant or are allergic to milk or whey should not consume whey protein.

Is whey protein cancerous?

No, whey protein is not cancerous. It is perfectly safe for consumption.

What are the dangers of whey protein?

There are no dangers that come with the consumption of whey protein. If consumed in right quantities, this product does not cause any side effects.

How much whey protein should I take?

Your daily intake of whey protein depends upon your age, sex and how much physical activity you do. An active adult needs 0.4 to 0.6 grams of protein per pound of body weight. This means that a 150 pound person needs 60 to 90 grams of protein per day. If you are into intensive strength training and work out vigorously then you need 135 grams of protein per day.

Which protein powder is best for muscle gain?

Whey protein powder is the best product for you if you wish to gain muscle.

Which protein is best for the gym?

Whey protein is the most appropriate form of protein for you. It helps build muscles and enhances your protein intake.

Is whey protein good for losing weight?

Whey protein not only helps you lose weight but it also holds on to your muscle. It boosts your metabolism and makes you lose appetite. It also preserves lean muscle mass. Altogether, whey protein is quite helpful in losing weight.

What is the best protein powder?

Whey protein is undoubtedly the best protein powder. If you are a beginner then you should definitely include whey protein in your fitness regimen.

Are protein shakes safe?

Yes, protein shakes are really safe and provide you with innumerable health benefits.

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