Singer is a 176 year old brand that started off in 1851 as a sewing machine manufacturing brand. Today, the brand manufactures everything from irons, heaters, coolers to mixer grinders, blenders, food processors and more.

The brand is still most famous for the powerful and varied range of sewing machines that it produces.

If you are looking for the perfect sewing machine from Singer India, here is the complete list of models.

All Sewing Models From Singer

Straight Stitch Sewing Machines


These are classic machines that are ISI certified and make for quick and easy flexible stitching. These are durable machines with base boards and foot stools. They have an ergonomic design and innovative features. Here are some of the best straight stitch sewing machines:

1. Premium Straight Stitch Sewing Machine


  • Flip Open Throat Plate
  • Round Dial Stich Regulator
  • Nickel Plated Needle Bar
  • Open Type Shuttle Race
  • Forward and Reverse Feed Mechansim
  • Auto Tripping Spring Loaded Bobbin Winder
  • Thread Cutter in Presser Bar
  • Single Hand Fitted Machine
  • ISI Certified

Price: Rs 4,290

2. Galaxy Straight Stitch Sewing Machine


  • Round Arm Body Machine
  • Elegant Metallic Blue Finish
  • Reverse and Forward Feed Regulator
  • Nickel Plated Floral Face Plate
  • Blue Color Hand wheel and Bobbin Winder
  • Also available with foot operating stand and table at extra cost
  • ISI Certified

Price: Rs 4,299

3. Majestic Straight Stitch Sewing Machine


  • Round Arm Body Machine
  • Lever Type Stitch Regulator for Forward and Reverse Stitch Control
  • Auto Tripping Spring Loaded Bobbin Winder for Uniform Winding of Bobbin
  • Sheet Metal Bobbin Winder
  • Also Available with Foot Operating Stand and Table at Extra Cost
  • ISI Certified

Price: Rs 4,349

Zig-Zag Fashion Maker

The Zig-Zag fashion maker machines offer creative freedom and preset stitching programs, designs and more. The machines are available in mechanical, embroidery and computerized variants.


1. Curvy 8770

The Curvy 8770 is a state-of-the-art computerized zig-zag sewing machine.


  • 225 Built-in Stitches
  • 238 Built-in Stitch Functions
  • 7 Fully Automatic 1-Step Buttonholer
  • Swift Smart Threading System
  • Automatic Needle Threader
  • 3 Stay Bright LED Lights for Optimum Viewing
  • Drop & Sew Bobbin System
  • Alphanumeric Stitches
  • 20 Character Memory Capability
  • Automatic Needle Up/ Down
  • LCD Display
  • Stitch Pattern Mirror Image & Editing
  • Twin Needle Sewing Capability
  • Heavy Duty Metal Frame for Skip-Free Sewing
  • Instruction DVD Available

Price: Rs 36,750

2. Brilliance 6180

The Brilliance 6180 is a computerized machine with world-class features.


  • 80 Built-in Stitchs
  • 93 Built-in Stitch Functions
  • 6 Fully Automatic 1-Step Buttonholer
  • Automatic Needle Threader
  • Stay Bright LED Light for Optimal Viewing
  • 13 Needle Possitions upto 5mm Wide Zigzag
  • Decorative Stitches
  • Computerized Stitch Selection with an LCD Display
  • Adustable Stitch Length & Width
  • Twin Needle Sewing Capability
  • Automatic Tension Keeps Stitches Balanced and Even
  • Stitch Guide – When & How to Use Built-in Stitched
  • Free Arm with Accessory Storage
  • Extended Work Table
  • Heavy Duty Metal Frame

Price: Rs 18,805

Artisan Sewing Machines

The Artisan category of Singer sewing machines are industrial sewing machines. They blend stitching and fashion seamlessly to create works of art, making you design a beautiful path for your dreams.


1. Merrit Craftsman Industrial Sewing Machine

This manual, semi-automatic sewing machine can work at a brilliant speed of 2000-3000 stitches per minute.


  • Round Arm Shape
  • 1/4 H.P. Motor for Higher Speed with Option of Manual Operation on Foot
  • Speed-2200 SPM
  • Sewing Machine for Medium to Heavy Fabric and Leather upto 6 mm Thickness
  • 5 to 25 SPI (Stitches Per Inch)
  • Also Available with Foot Operating Stand and Table at Extra Cost

2. Singer Utility Industrial Sewing Machine

Singer Utility is known for a longer service life, sleek finish and power efficiency.

  • Lockstitch Machine for a Wide Range of Material from Light to Heavy Weight Fabrics
  • Table-top Bobbin Winder
  • 1/2 HP High Speed Clutch Motor
  • Max Speed :4500 SPM
  • Max Stitch Length :5.0 mm
  • Fully Automatic Lubrication System
  • Smooth and Quiet Running and Easy Maintenance
  • Easy Adjustable Stitch Length by Feed Dial
  • Machine Bed Plate with Screw Hole for Attachments
  • Drop Feed Type and Reverse Feed By Hand Lever

There are various other models in these categories which you can buy according to your needs and specification. Singer sewing machines are like the fairy God-mother you always needed to make those magical transformations!

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