Almond Oil for Hair Growth – Benefits and Uses

We always think we know far more than our ancestors did. In some regard, that is true. However, when it comes to growing long and shiny hair, they had it all figured out. Oiling your hair is still one of the best ways to grow long, thick and shiny hair.

There are various products available in the market that claim to help your hair grow. However, nothing is as affordable and effective as almond oil.

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What Is Almond Oil

Almond oil is of two kinds, bitter and sweet. Sweet almond oil is popular for its various benefits for skin and hair. Almond oil is extracted from raw almond seeds. It is a light texture oil that is rich in vitamins, minerals and fatty acids.

Nutritional Characteristics Of Almond Oil

  • It is a rich source of Vitamins (A, D, E, B1, B2, and B6)
  • It contains minerals like zinc, magnesium, calcium etc.
  • It contains rare fatty acids like Omega-3, Omega-6 and omega-9
  • Almond oil is a natural antioxidant
  • It also has anti-inflammatory properties
  • It is a natural emollient and a moisturizer

Benefits Of Almond Oil For Hair

Massaging your scalp and hair with almond oil can do wonders for your hair. These are some of the benefits of almond oil for your hair and scalp.

Aids Hair Growth

Many studies have shown that almond oil has no direct correlation with hair growth. However, when you massage you root often they become healthier. Almond oil is also a natural emollient which nourishes your scalp and hair. So, massage you hair with almond oil at least twice a week and your hair will become healthier and longer.

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Goodbye Split Ends

Almond oil definitely prevents forming of split ends. It may not have an immediate effect on current split ends. However, if you use a mixture of almond and castor oil for a few months, you will watch your split ends disappear.

Leave-in Conditioner

Almond oil is a great substitute for anti-frizz serum. Its rich vitamin profile makes it a nourishing product for your hair. Just use a few drops and you can continue about your day as usual.

Removes Dandruff

Almond oil is light and hence penetrates deep into your scalp and skin. It has the ability to repair and remove dead skins which cause dandruff. Also, almond oil is an antioxidant and therefore kills bacteria that dwells deep within your pores.

A Healthy Scalp

Pollution and dust can cause infection to settle in your scalp. Almond oil is a great preventive measure to avoid scalp infection. It has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce itching and irritation.

Oh So Shiny!

Massaging your hair twice a week for a few months will make your hair shinier. However, almond oil alone may not be your best bet. Mix a little olive or coconut oil to get that shine you have always dreamed of. Almond oil will also make your hair softer over a period of time.

Stronger Hair

Almond oil is a rich source of magnesium which is great for your hair. Make sure to massage your scalp and hair with almond oil to make your hair stronger. Also, almond oil will prevent you from having a dry scalp or hair. It is a great moisturizer that has high penetration. It is great for making your hair strong.

How To Apply Almond Oil In Your Hair

There are two ways to oil your hair with almond oil.

  • Overnight Oiling – This is the best way to oil your hair
  • Oil and shampoo

Overnight Oiling

  • Almond oil absorbs really well with wet hair. However, don’t let your hair be dripping wet, just damp.
  • Untangle your hair by combing it and then take a little almond oil in your palm.
  • Begin massaging your scalp and slowly work your way to the tips.
  • Use a fat comb once again to ensure your entire hair is covered with oil.
  • Sleep at night with the oil in your hair.
  • Wake up and shampoo it off

Oil And Shampoo

Some people do not enjoy overnight oiling. Such people can follow similar steps to oil their hair. Wear a shower cap and continue your work for an hour or two. Shampoo your hair and enjoy your great hair.

Side Effects And Precautions

Almond oil is perfectly natural and great for your hair. However, it is a nut and people allergic to nut should stay away from it. Do a patch test before you apply it all over your hair.


Which is the best almond oil for hair? Which one to choose- Bajaj almond oil, Hamdard Rogan Badam or any other?

Almond oil is available in different forms for different concerns by various brands. You can choose Bajaj Almond oil out of these which addresses your hair concerns. Hamdard Badam Rogan oil is for edible purposes that helps you improve your overall health.

Does almond oil promote facial hair growth?

Yes, almond oil promotes facial hair growth due to the presence of vitamin E and hence can be used in beard grooming.

Can I use almond oil on hair?

Yes, you can use almond oil on hair.

Which one is best for hair growth Bajaj almond oil or Dabur almond oil?

Bajaj Almond oil and Dabur Almond oil are both the best oils for hair growth. You can buy any one of them to provide skin and hair benefits.

Is Bajaj almond oil effective for hair loss?

Bajaj Almond oil is effective and helps improve hair strength. You can apply the almond oil in your hair and leave it overnight for best results.

What are the benefits of using almond oil in hair?

Almond oil is beneficial for hair as it prevents hair loss, strengthens hair, prevents greying of hair, prevents dandruff and head lice.

Are almond oils good for hair growth? Can almond oil grow your hair?

Yes, almond oil is good for hair growth. It helps strengthen your hair roots, prevents hair loss and makes your hair stronger and shinier.

Can I use vitamin E and almond oil for hair growth?

Vitamin E oil and almond oil together can lead to an overdose of Vitamin E that can cause hair fall. You can apply Vitamin E oil instead of Almond oil if you’ve excessive hair fall.

Does almond oil make your hair thicker?

Almond oil makes your hair thicker by promoting hair growth and maintaining your hair health by strengthening your hair roots.

Is Bajaj Almond oil good for hair growth?

Bajaj Almond oil provides essential nutrients and vitamins to your hair that are required for healthy hair growth.

Is almond oil good for hair regrowth?

Almond oil helps repair damaged hair and provide Vitamin E to the hair follicles which in turn promotes hair regrowth.

Can we apply almond oil to face daily?

Yes, you can apply almond oil to your face daily mixed with your regular moisturizer.

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