Almonds during Pregnancy: 10 Health Benefits You Should Know

Almonds possess a variety of health benefits for the expecting mother and the baby. The best way to consume almonds is to soak them in water and peel the skin. Usually, women tend to avoid the intake of dry fruits due to the heat and fat content. Some also believe that it may give rise to nut allergies in the unborn baby. The only reason to avoid almonds is if you are allergic to them or if your doctor has advised you the same for some reason.

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Here are 10 health benefits of eating almonds during pregnancy

1. Neurological development of the baby

Almonds are rich in folic acid and thus, facilitate the brain and nervous system development of the foetus.

2. Weight management

Almonds increase “leptin”, also known as the appetite-reducing hormone. They also increase the hormone “ghrelin” responsible for curbing hunger. This helps the mother in managing her weight throughout the course of the pregnancy.3.

3. Regulates blood pressure

Almonds increase the alpha-tocopherol compound in the blood. It helps in maintaining a normal blood pressure.

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4. Ensures strong teeth and bones in babies

Almonds are packed with calcium and manganese. They are essential for proper bone formation of the baby.

5. Prevents constipation

Along with fiber, almonds are also rich in magnesium. Both of them facilitate bowel movements and prevent constipation.

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6. Aids the cognitive development of the baby

Almonds are rich in riboflavin. These are essential for the cognitive development of the unborn child. Riboflavin also helps in maintaining high energy levels.

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7. Enhances metabolic response

Almonds are a healthy source of dietary fibers and carbs. They help in reducing oxidative stress, inflammation, and blood sugar. Especially in the case of high-risk pregnancies like in case of obese or diabetic women.

8. Rich in vitamin E

Vitamin E in almonds helps in the formation of hair and skin of the baby. It also leaves the women with a delightful, glowing skin.

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9. Induces strength

The rich protein intake helps in the healthy development of the muscles of the baby. It also helps the mother to bear the delivery pain.

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10. Rich in Folate

The folate content in almonds facilitates the brain and nervous system development of the baby. It also helps the baby from neural tube defects.

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