Almonds (Badam) Nutrition Value: How Do Almonds Benefit Your Body?

What Are Almonds?

Almonds (Prunus Amygdalus) are the oval-shaped nuts that are found in North Africa, West Asia and Mediterranean regions. They grow in a hard-woody shell and the fruit inside the shell is used widely as a food. Almonds are buttery in taste and are rich in vitamins and minerals that give several benefits for skin, hair and health.

Almonds (Badam) Nutrition Values

MacronutrientsAmount (grams)
Proteins In Almonds4.88 gm
Carbohydrates In Almonds4.98 gm
Fats In Almonds11.37 gm
Dietary Fibers In Almonds2.81 gm
Calories In Almonds132.25 gm
Biotin14.72 mcg
Molybdenum6.78 mcg

Nutritional Value Of Almonds- Read all about Almond Nutrition Facts

There are many great nutritional value of Almonds. Read all almonds nutrition facts below:

Vitamins In Almonds

1. Vitamin E

Dr. Ella Haddad from Loma Linda University, CA states that Vitamin E is a powerful anti-oxidant that defends your cells against damage on a daily basis and prevents clogging of cholesterol.

• It helps reduce wrinkles and fine lines from your skin
• Vitamin E reduces the risk of heart diseases
• Improves blood circulation
• It cures eye disorders,
• Treats painful menstrual cycles
• Treats brain malfunction

2. Vitamin C

• Treats scurvy
• Cures common-cold and diabetes
• Treat kidney disorders
• Boosts immune system
• Cures high blood pressure
• Treats internal bleeding

3. Vitamin B-2

• Treats cataract
• Cures skin disorders
• Improves metabolism
• Boosts immunity
• Keeps your nervous system healthy

4. Vitamin B-6

• Treats diabetes
• Cures piles
• Treats convulsion
• Help treat morning sickness
• Reduce excessive menstrual bleeding
• Reduces homocysteine levels in your body
• Cures insomnia

Minerals In Almonds

5. Magnesium

• Boosts immune system
• Prevent heart attacks and asthma
• Treats high blood pressure
• Improves bone health
• Relieves cramps
• Lowers anxiety levels
• Reliefs insomnia

6. Phosphorus

• Reduce muscle weakness
• Improves bone health
• Boosts brain function
• Improves body metabolism
• Keeps your gums healthy

7. Manganese

• Manages body metabolism
• Prevention of osteoporosis
• Reduces fatigue
• Keeps reproductive system healthy
• Reduces inflammation
• Might cure epilepsy

8. Copper

• Cures arthritis
• Helps in skin care
• Cures throat infections
• Maintain haemoglobin levels in your body
• Prevents heart diseases
• Boosts immunity
• Maintains a healthy circulatory system

9. Fatty acids

• Formation of healthy cell membranes
• Proper functioning of brain and nervous system
• Stimulates thyroid gland activity
• Regulates blood pressure
• Reduces blood clotting
• Lowers down cholesterol levels in your body
• Keeps your skin and hair healthy
• Boosts immune system

10. Dietary Fibers

M.A. Wein, International journal of obesity states that consumption of almonds reduces weight and decreases obesity in 24 weeks.

• Keeps your digestive system healthy
• Stabilizes cholesterol levels
• Reduces the risk of coronary diseases
• Controls diabetes
• Controls weight of your body

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How To Eat Almonds?

• Spread 4-5 Almonds on your toast for your morning breakfast
• Sprinkle 5-6 crushed almonds on your cereal, lunchtime salad or on steamed vegetables
• You can also eat 4-5 raw almonds in your breakfast, lunch or dinner (eat only two times)
• Add 4-5 almonds in your plain yoghurt
• Add almonds to your apple slices for a power snack
• You can add almonds to your chicken

8 Important Questions About Almonds Answered

Do Almonds help your hair grow?

Almonds have a high biotin content which makes your hair grow faster and thicker. They also have a good protein percentage which is essential for healthy hair. You must have a few almonds daily in order to increase your hair growth and quality.

How many almonds should I eat daily?

You should not have more than 8-10 almonds a day.

Which nuts are best for hair growth?

Almonds are the best nuts which assure great results for hair growth. They contain high levels of biotin and protein which are important to make hair healthy and voluminous.

What are the benefits of eating almonds daily?

Eating almonds daily will provide you with a lot of health benefits. They provide a supply of many nutrients to our body. They are loaded with antioxidants and vitamin E which help improve the skin, hair and protect the cells from oxidative damage. They also control the blood sugar and blood pressure levels. Almonds lower the cholesterol levels and may also help you in losing weight as they reduce appetite.

Do almonds prevent hair loss?

Yes, almonds combat the problem of hair loss as they contain high levels of biotin and protein. These two nutrients assist in hair growth and health.

Can we eat almonds on an empty stomach?

Yes, you can eat almonds on an empty stomach. Almonds do not cause any harm, rather, they increase the metabolic rate as digesting almonds is difficult.

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