Castor oil has been trending lately. People can’t stop talking about how great it is. Well, what exactly is castor oil? Is it really good for your face? These are some question you will not have to ask again after reading this post. Read on to know the world of castor oil.

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What Is Castor Oil?

Castor oil is a vegetable oil that is extracted from the seeds of the castor plant. The method by which this extraction is done is called ‘cold-pressing’. This essentially means that no chemicals or heat have been to extract the oil.

There are many benefits of Castor oil. It is rich in Ricinoleic Acid, which is an unsaturated Omega-9 fatty acid. This compound gives castor oil its charm and most of its benefits.

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Benefits Of Castor Oil For Your Face

1. Natural Moisturizer

Castor oil is a natural emollient and a moisturizer. Using it regularly on your face can make sure your skin receives the nourishment it needs. This will ensure you have a soft and glowing face. You can learn more about all the benefits of Castor oil for your skin here.

2. Clear Complexion

Fatty acids in castor oil can help you achieve a clear complexion. They promote the growth of healthy skin tissue and remove dead skin cells. Use it regularly on your face and you will get an even skin tone on your face.

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3. Fights Acne

Castor oil as anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties that fight and prevent acne. Regular use of castor oil on your face will prevent acne and remove the marks that acne leaves behind. To really understand how Castor oil fights acne, read about all the benefits of Castor Oil for acne

4. Removes Wrinkles

Castor oil contains antioxidants that help remove and prevent wrinkles on your face. Massaging your face with castor oil will also remove dark circles from under your eyes over time.

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5. Treats Sunburn

If you forgot to use sunscreen and stayed out in the sun too long, you probably got sunburnt. Well, apply castor oil on the affected area and your pain should subside. Also, the anti-inflammatory properties of castor oil will treat the sunburn and make it all better.

6. Treating Chapped Lips

Castor oil can also be applied to chapped lips to make them soft and pink again. However, mix it with a better tasting oil like coconut or sweet almond oil.

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7. Its Good For Your Eyes

There are many benefits of Castor oil for your eyes. It helps reduce dark circles and improves over all health of your eyes.

8. Helps Grow Eyebrows

You can also use Castor oil to grow your eyebrows. In fact, Castor oil also stimulates and encourage eyelashes growth. Know more about the benefits of Castor oil for your eyebrows here.

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How To Apply Castor Oil On Your Face

Step 1

Clean your face with lukewarm water. In fact, it is better to use steam on your face before you apply the oil. It will open up your pores and allow the castor oil to seep in and work its magic. Pat your face dry with a towel before you apply the oil.

Step 2

Take a cotton ball and soak it in some oil. You can use your fingers to apply the oil as well. Gently massage your face in a circular motion. Ensure you cover your entire face.

Step 3

You can leave the oil on your face overnight or at least for a couple of hours. Wash off the excess oil and pat your face dry. Use this method at least twice a week to enjoy maximum benefits.

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Precautions To Take When Applying Castor Oil On Your Face

While castor oil natural and completely safe, there are some precautions you must take.

  • If you are allergic to castor oil, do not use it
  • Castor oil can cause irritation. It is best to mix it with a carrier oil like jojoba, coconut or sweet almond oil
  • Do not ingest castor oil. There has been the incident where ingesting castor oil has caused digestive problems.
  • If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, do not use castor oil on your face.

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Things To Look For When Buying Castor Oil

There are various brands that sell castor oil. Since you will be using it on your face, it is best to ensure that following conditions are satisfied before you make a purchase.

  • Oil should be cold pressed. This makes sure no chemicals have been used to extract the oil
  • Try and buy a Hexane-free castor oil. Hexane is a chemical which is sometimes used to extract oil from vegetables. You don’t want this in your castor oil.
  • Check the expiration date before you buying the oil.

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