5 Amazing Benefits of Sesame Oil for Skin | Uses & Its Application

We often end up thinking about products to counter all our skin problems. One such underrated product is Sesame Oil, which works in a wonderful way to help the skin to be its best self. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of sesame oil for skin.

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What Makes Sesame Oil Special?

Sesame is the oldest oilseed crop known to humanity. It’s found in parts of Africa and also in some parts of India. Sesame oil is nutritious and lubricating in nature. There are several benefits of sesame oil. It has essential vitamins like E, B complex, D and minerals like calcium & phosphorus that are great for your health.

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5 Benefits of Sesame Oil:

Prevents Bacterial Infections

Sesame oil is effective in the treatment of inflamed and wounded skin. It is their anti-inflammatory properties that makes them fight against bacterial infections.

Repairing Damaged Skin Cells

They are very effective when it comes to repairing of damaged cells and improving blood circulation. It is perfectly safe and easy to mix sesame oil with other types of vegetable oils.

Slows Down the Aging of Skin

Yet another exciting feature of sesame oil is that they can slow down the pace of skin aging. They prevent skin cells from oxidation and improves skin rejuvenation. They have an antioxidant known as sesamol that prevents wrinkles and small pores in the skin.

As a Moisturizer

Sesame oil finds themselves an active ingredient in many sunscreens, skin cleansers and moisturizers because of their unique ability to soften up skin and hair. They are also capable of keeping your skin hydrated. Jasmine oil also has similar effects on your skin.

As Massage Oil

Massaging with sesame oil can help you remove environmental toxins from your body, leaving yourself completely detoxified. In order to derive all the benefits of sesame oil massage, you need to use Cured Sesame Oil.

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How Does Sesame Oil Create Glowing Skin?

  • Sesame is full of zinc, which is an essential mineral to produce collagen. Zinc is great for healing damaged tissues in the body.
  • Keeps skin flexible by keeping it soft and supple.
  • Helps tighten facial skin.
  • Pulls out toxins, which means less pimples.

How to Apply Sesame Oil on Skin?

  • Apply the oil after a hot shower.
  • Wait for the skin to get wet and massage the oil onto your skin.
  • Leave it like that for around 10 minutes and completely rub them into the skin.

How to Choose Sesame Oil?

Many brands of sesame oils are available on market. Sometimes people gets confused about which brand to choose. The fast and easiest way to get sesame oil is through online stores. While purchasing, make sure they are covered and sealed to ensure freshness. Sesame oil can be found in both refined and unrefined varieties.

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3 Popular Sesame Oils, According to Reviews and Rating:

  • Neutrogena Body Oil, Light Sesame Formula, Sesame Oil, 16 Oz
  • Dr Adorable, Refined Cold Pressed Organic Sesame Oil, 16 Oz
  • Banyan Botanicals Sesame Oil, Certified Organic, 16 Oz

Important Questions About Sesame Oil Answered?

Does Sesame oil darken the skin?

No, Sesame oil does not darken the skin. It is used to protect your skin from harmful UV rays and prevent its darkening.

What are the benefits of Sesame oil for skin? Is Sesame oil good for your skin?

Sesame oil prevents bacterial infections, repairs damaged skin cells, slows down ageing, acts as a moisturizer and can be used as a massage oil.

Why is Sesame oil massage considered to be healthy for skin?

A massage with Sesame oil is considered to be healthy for skin as it contains anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-oxidative properties which can be your ally in your efforts towards a healthy-looking skin.

What is the best Sesame oil for the skin? Which oil is best for skin?

Sesame oil from Kama Ayurveda is considered to be the best oil for skin.

Can we get fair skin by using Sesame oil?

Yes, we can get fair skin by using Sesame oil as it contains anti-oxidants that form a thin layer on your skin. It makes for a perfect sun block that protects your skin from harmful UV rays and reduces skin darkening.

Does Sesame oil clog pores?

Sesame oil does not clog pores but it deep cleans your skin pores and unclogs them.

Does Sesame oil contain vitamin E?

Yes, Sesame oil contains Vitamin E.

Is black Sesame oil good for skin?

Yes, black Sesame oil is good for your skin. Black sesame and white sesame do not have much of a difference. Black sesame seeds have their shells intact while sesame seeds do not have shells.

Which oil is best for glowing skin? Which oils absorb into skin?

Sesame oil is best to have a healthy glowing skin as it contains various vitamins and minerals that helps remove dullness from your skin. Also, sesame is light and non-greasy which facilitates easy absorption in your skin.

Do you apply sesame oil on the face before using or after using moisturizer?

You can apply sesame oil after applying your regular moisturizer.

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