Best Dominos Offers One Should Know About

Dominos is one of the most popular pizza joints in India. Other than a variety of pizzas, they also offer an assortment of side dishes too like garlic breadsticks, pasta, chicken wings, chicken meatballs, Tacos and desserts. Don’t you want them all?

But, sometimes satisfying your pizza cravings can drill a hole in your pocket, especially when you want to eat lavishly. Now, don’t fret because we are here to tell you about the great meal deals that Dominos offers that are quite pocket-friendly.

Everyday Value – 2 Regular Pizzas Starting @ Rs. 99 Each

You can buy 2 regular pizzas starting at Rs. 99 each with 4 varieties (each worth Rs. 165) to choose from. Similar deals are also available where you can choose 2 regular pizzas for Rs. 119 each from 3 varieties (each worth Rs. 185), Rs. 149 each from 7 varieties (each worth Rs. 215), Rs. 189 each from 5 varieties (each worth Rs. 235) and Rs. 219 each from 4 varieties of pizzas (each worth Rs. 305), depending on the toppings.

Everyday Value – 2 Medium Pizzas Starting @ Rs. 199 Each

This deal is similar to the previous deal but is for medium pan pizzas. You can choose 2 medium pizzas for Rs. 199 each with 4 varieties (each worth Rs. 305), Rs. 219 each from 3 varieties (each worth Rs. 335), Rs. 249 each from 7 varieties (each worth Rs. 395), Rs. 299 each from 5 varieties (each worth Rs. 450) and Rs. 399 each from 4 varieties of pizzas (each worth Rs. 570), depending the toppings.

Pizza Feast – Veg @ Rs. 899

In this is amazing combo, you will get 2 medium veg pizzas (Farmhouse + Peppy Paneer), 2 Garlic Bread Sticks and 2 Pepsi. Although there isn’t much room for customization, it is ideal for a huge group of friends or large families. Earn cashbacks on ordering pizzas using Dominos coupons from CashKaro.

Meal for 2 @ Rs. 485

Get 1 medium pizza (you can choose between Pepper Barbeque Chicken, Peppy Paneer and Farmhouse), 1 garlic bread sticks and 1 Pepsi for the price of just Rs. 485. It can’t get any better than this. Have a cheesy date with your partner with this perfect meal for two people.

Deluxe Meal for 1 @ Rs. 295

With this incredible deal, you can get 1 regular pizza (Pepper Barbeque Chicken or Fresh Veggie), 1 garlic bread sticks and 1 Pepsi at a total price of just Rs. 395. It is a great meal that you can order from home and eat while binge-watching your favourite series.

Meal for 1 @ Rs. 199

It is similar to the previous deal, but only cheaper and without the garlic bread sticks. You can choose between a Chicken Sausage Pizza and a Cheese & Corn Pizza. This deal might not seem like much, but it might be your last resort if you’re on a really tight budget, because let’s be real – a regular pizza and a Pepsi for just Rs. 200, where else would you get that?

Check out other Dominos offers and grab the chance to win amazing Dominos coupon codes! Bon appétit!

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