Amazon Prime VS Netflix – Which is better Netflix or Amazon Prime?

When it comes to streaming video services in India, definitely Netflix is a more prominent player in the market with web-series like Scared Games. But the option doesn’t end for the viewers of web content. As the market matures, the competition gets intense with other emerging players. Amazon Prime India already has a prior relationship with the people, and now they are taking it to the next level with amazon prime videos. Moreover, both Netflix and Amazon Prime coming up with quality content in an affordable price range has put the audience in a fix. In case you are in confusion, the factors provided below will help you decide whether to watch Amazon Prime or Netflix. Let’s check which is better Netflix or amazon prime!

Amazon Prime Vs Netflix Which Is Better

  • Cost of Annual Subscription:

Prime comes with an annual subscription of Rs.999 and a monthly subscription of Rs.129. In contrast to this, a package of Netflix starts with Rs.500 and continues to Rs.800 per month. If sharing of four people Prime costs around Rs.32.35 per month.

  • Enriched with Regional Content:

Though the shows in Hindi top the charts, both Amazon Prime and Netflix have an enriched collection of regional movies in languages like Telugu, Tamil, Bengali, and similar languages. Moreover, Netflix also has a good international library.

  • Device Support:

Only having a streaming membership won’t help if it is not compatible with the devices that you possess. Amazon Prime is compatible on devices like Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV,  Xbox One, Playstation 3 and 4, etc. On the other hand, Netflix is also compatible with a wide variety of devices and platforms.

  • Added Benefits:

On being an annual subscriber of Amazon Prime, you can become a prime member in the Amazon app. A prime member can enjoy an array of benefits like free-shipping twice on Amazon India online shopping, with different deals on sales like amazon coupons.

  • Charges for HD or 4K Content:

Amazon Prime allows you to enjoy movies in 4K Ultra HD resolutions and 1080p Full HD on any of the plans while in Netflix you can watch such content by paying Rs. 800 per month.

Although there are various merits and demerits associated with both Amazon Prime and Netflix, both are popular across the world in terms of content. Therefore, it completely depends upon the user to decide the better between the two.

These are some of the crucial points to consider that will definitely give you a clear idea about which of the 2 is best for you. No matter which one of these both you decide, you are sure to have a great time with all the amazing entertainment series’ and movies on these platforms. Don’t forget to check out the CashKaro website for an Amazon promo code to avail of great discounts while shopping from the Amazon portal.

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