Amazon recently announced the Fire TV Cube. The Fire TV Cube consists of Fire TV with a speaker along with Alexa smart assistant in built system. Users can now enjoy content from Amazon Prime services and other apps such as Netflix and Hulu. The Fire TV Cube’s Echo speaker lets users do things like call a friend or order items from Amazon. Users can now control the Fire TV and cable box by voice.

Sandeep Gupta, VP of product development of Amazon Fire TV opines that” One thing that’s happened over the last few years is that there are more and more ways to watch content. We wanted to create a device to simplify that,”

The new Fire TV Cube supports cable TV boxes where users can change channels by simply giving a voice command. Users are now able to control their cable boxes as well as their Fire TV and ask Alexa questions. With the new Fire TV Cube, Amazon is not only catering to Fire TV app users but also trying to encash on cable TV box users.

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