Keeping one’s hair in good condition is a big challenge and an even bigger responsibility but how will you care for them if you don’t have a lot of them? Hair growth is essential to look good and it can elevate one’s confidence by boosting their physical appearance. Amla oil has been used for hair growth since ancient times as it nourishes the roots and provides strength to hair. In fact, the Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research has suggested that amla is one of the best remedies for scalp hair loss and alopecia. Here are all the benefits of amla oil for hair growth.

Benefits of Amla Oil for Hair Growth

1. Contains Fatty Acids

Amla oil is a storehouse of natural fatty acids that strengthen the hair follicle to promote hair growth

2. Vitamin C Powerhouse

It contains oodles of vitamin C which prevents premature greying and makes hair look healthy with a glowing radiance.

3. Natural Conditioner

It conditions the hair, making it softer and smoother. It tangles less and there is lesser hair breakage. This leads to healthy hair growth.

4. Dandruff Remedy

Not only does amla oil get rid of roughness and dryness, it also removes dandruff, which is a leading cause of hair fall.

5. Promotes hair growth

Through its high iron and carotene content, amla oil promotes and healthy and strong hair growth.

How to Use Amla Oil for Hair Growth

  • Apply Amla Oil on you scalp and gently massage it so that it boosts blood circulation and opens up pores allowing scalp to produce natural oils. This will promote hair growth and also provide nourishment to hair.
  • Some people also use amla powder mixed with water as a hair pack. This is known to increase the hair’s softness and smoothness.

Expert Tips While Using Amla For Hair Growth

  •  Along with pure amla oil, shampoos and conditioners featuring amla can also help with hair growth
  • Amla oil has a strong, musky smell so it might not work well as a leave-in conditioner. It is best to use it sparingly and wash it off after keeping it for 2 hours after application.

If hair fall and thinning continue at an alarming rate, it is best to see a physician

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