Amway Vs GNC: Which Whey Protein Is Better?

A sufficient dose of protein is enough to keep you healthy and fit on an everyday basis. From the most natural options to the most balanced ones, brands are pulling up their sleeves to provide the best products to the consumers. GNC Whey Protein and Amway XS Whey Protein are two such renowned products designed to offer great health benefits to the users.

Amway is a trusted name since 1959 as an American nutritional supplements brand that works with all things natural. GNC, on the other hand, is a health and wellness brand that offers cutting edge quality products. Scroll down to know which out of the two is meant for you.

Read more about how to compare whey protein brands here. We have used a similar yardstick to compare these two products.

What is Amway Whey Protein?

With an experience of over 50 years, Amway has marked itself as a natural server of nutritional supplements. The brand stands true to uncompromised quality and safety in each of its products that it offers. Amway XS Whey Protein review states that the supplement stimulates faster muscle gain and enhances the recovery time post workouts.

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Nutrition Value of Amway Whey Protein

Serving- 45gm

Protein- 30gm

Carbohydrates- 3gm

Fats- 1gm

Calories- 77Kcal

Benefits of Amway Whey Protein

  • Usage: As per Amway Whey Protein nutrition facts, the supplement contains 30 grams of protein content and 5 grams of BCAA’s per scoop. As a result, it promotes quicker muscle gain and speedy recovery.
  • Ingredients: Amway Whey Protein ingredients are totally chemical-free and do not contain any artificial flavours.
  • Taste: Amway Whey Protein is a delight in terms of taste. It is sweetened with stevia and has a pleasant taste. However, the supplement does not contain any artificial flavours.
  • Mixability: It blends well, bringing a smooth texture.
  • Affordability: Amway Whey Protein price is relatively lower than that of its competitors like GNC Whey Protein.

Side Effects/Cons of Amway Whey Protein

  • High Cholesterol- The cholesterol content in a single serving of Amway Whey Protein is relatively higher, when compared with other whey protein brands. The excess intake of this supplement can increase the risk of heart disease by giving rise to fatty acids in blood vessels.
  • Less Protein Concentration- The protein content of the Amway Whey Protein is comparatively lower as against the other brands of whey protein.

Why Should You Consume Amway Whey Protein?

Amway gives utmost importance to safety and quality when curating its products. Its XS Whey Protein is a testament to the same. It not just promotes muscle cutting and leaning but also aids in various health issues. If you’re one who believes in natural remedies, then Amway is bound to be your next stop shop.

What is GNC Whey Protein?

Imbibing exceptional science into its supplements, General Nutrition Center is a US-based company that sells health and nutrition related products across the globe. In-depth research and development is the core of this brand. GNC Whey Protein review is at par with its ideology and results.

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Nutrition Value of GNC Whey Protein

Serving- 31.5gm

Protein- 20gm

Carbohydrates- 3gm

Fats- 1gm

Calories- 100Kcal

Benefits of GNC Whey Protein

  • Usage: GNC Whey Protein can be utilized as a pre-workout formula to improve stamina and as a post-workout formula to relax the muscles.
  • Mixability: GNC Whey Protein blends well with milk or water, bringing a smooth consistency.
  • Taste: GNC Whey Protein tastes well when mixed with milk, but may become a little bland when mixed with water.

Side Effects/Cons of GNC Whey Protein

  • Affordability: GNC Whey Protein price in India is higher than that of its competitors like Amway who serve larger quantities at a lower price. Thus, the supplement may not be an easy-buy considering its cost.
  • Digestion: GNC Whey Protein contains digestive enzymes that result in stomach discomfort.
  • Ingredients: GNC Whey Protein contains artificial sweeteners, which you may want to avoid.

Why Should You Consume GNC Whey Protein?

GNC is a technologically-advanced brand that offers high-end products that may not be well within your budget. However, GNC Whey Protein is a rich source of calories and strength, making the investment worth the value.

Amway Vs GNC- Which One Should You Take?

Amway Whey Protein has more protein per serving. It also has a comparatively lower calorie content.

GNC Whey Protein has significantly higher BCAA’s per serving. Both products have the same amount of fat and carbs.

However, GNC Whey Protein is more expensive than Amway Whey Protein. Also, it has a smaller serving size which could be the reason behind the disparity in protein content.

The final deciding factor however, is your budget. The prices of both the products differ and you can pick the one that fits your budget and requirements.

Both Amway and GNC are evident suppliers of whey protein in the Indian health market. However, their ideologies and deliveries are far from being even similar. While GNC tries to offer scientifically-advanced supplements with a high range of calories, Amway sticks to natural ingredients for safer results. If you do not believe in risking your health and want something purer, Amway is the one to trust. For faster results and cutting-edge performance, GNC may be more appropriate.

Frequently Asked Question

What are the differences between the Nutrition value of Amway Whey Protein and GNC AMP Wheybolic?

ParticularsAmway Whey ProteinGNC AMP WheybolicWinner
Serving Size45 gm31.25 gmNA
Protein30 gm20 gmAmway
BCAA’s5 gm7.5GNC
Calories77 kcal100 kcalAmway
Total Fat1gm1 gmNA
Total Carbs3gm3 gmNA

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