Amway vs Impact: Which Whey Protein is Better?

Amway or MyProtein, which is better?

Amway Whey Protein and MyProtein stands at a close competition when compared with each other. However, we’d like to recommend Amway Whey Protein over MyProtein given the bigger serving size, higher protein, and BCAA content. Amway also offers lower calories and fat content. On the other hand, MyProtein has lower carb content but it falls short in front of Amway’s other nutritional composition. The only negative factor to consider is the pricing. Amway is a little expensive than MyProtein, but in our opinion, it’s definitely worth the price.

Below is the detailed analysis to help you choose between Amway Whey Protein and MyProtein to help you choose better.


Amway was founded in 1959 in America. Amway manufactures a range of nutritional supplements including. Amway’s nutrition supplements include whey and natural protein.

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Europe’s No.1 Sports Nutrition Brand is Impact by MyProtein. They manufacture the highest quality products in the UK. MyProtein has a research team behind the formula to maximize nutrition content.

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Comparison Criteria

No two whey protein brands are the same. Or are they? Well, we believe that each brand tries to do something different to stand out from their competitors. Check out how to compare whey protein brands here to know why we use the following criteria.

Amway vs MyProtein – Nutritional Difference

ParticularsMyProteinAmway Whey ProteinWinner
Serving Size25 gm45 gmNA
Protein21 gm30 gmAmway
BCAA’s4.5 gm5 gmAmway
Calories103 kcal77 kcalAmway
Total Fat1.9 gm1gmAmway
Total Carbs1.0 gm3gmImpact

And the Winner Is…

Amway has higher quantities of protein and BCAA’s per serving. It also has lower calorie and fat content.

MyProteinhas lower carb content but falls short in front of Amway’s nutritional content. Amway is a better bet considering its higher nutritional value.

However, Amway is considerably more expensive than Impact. It also has a larger serving size which could be the reason behind the 9gm disparity in protein content.

The final deciding factor however, is your budget. Both product prices differs and you must pick the one that fits your budget and requirements.

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