Apricots May Put You in A Coma! Or will they? Read To Find Out

Apricots May Put You in A Coma! Or will they? Read To Find Out

Apricots are fruits that are highly beneficial for you. But it does come with its share or harmful effects and allergies. A general physician should always be consulted it there are unusual symptoms seen on consumption of an apricot. Here is a look at how apricots can harm you and even put you in a coma!

  • The kernels of apricot contain an active enzyme, amygdalin. Amygdalin consists of two parts, cyanide and benzaldehyde. On consuming the kernel, Amygdalin is converted into cyanide, a poisonous substance. This can harm the body and can cause dizziness, mental confusion, liver damage and death in extreme cases. Its symptoms also include skin turning blue due to lack of oxygen.
  • 5ml of cyanide per litre of blood can put a human being in permanent coma. Apricot seeds are said be good for cancer treatment but there is no scientific backing for this. What it does is in fact, it increases cyanide levels of the body putting you at a big risk.

So now you know that half information is always dangerous. Apricot kernels can be really harmful for you and always consult a doctor if you consume apricots for medicinal purposes!

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