Fashion made delicious.

food shaped handbags aliexpress

Do you know what happens when Fashion and food amalgamate? You get the best of both worlds! Food-inspired handbags are all the rage these days. From celebrities to top bloggers to everyday stars, you can see so many fashionistas donning them. Flaunt your love for food and fashion by welcoming this trend in your life. Browse through the below list which contains the most scrumptious handbags available online:

You don’t have to worry about these ice-cream shaped handbags melting in summers.

1 Ice cream shaped handbag

2 Ice cream shaped handbag

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Now, carry your bag of chips everywhere.

3 food shaped handbag potato chips

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This bag will be the perfect companion for your movie outings.

4 popcorn shaped handbag

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You can never have enough of popcorns! Have some more here:

5 popcorn shaped bag fashion

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Lug this Coca-Cola barrel-shaped bag on your next trip to supermarket.

6 coca cola shaped bag

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You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy French fries! And that’s kind of same.

food shaped handbag french fries moschino


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Go bananas over this handbag!

8 bananas shaped handbag

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Keep Calm and Carry All – with this juicy watermelon bag

9 watermelon handbag

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Never miss your biscuit O’clock!

10 biscuit shaped handbag

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Hope you liked these suggestions. Which one did you like the most?

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