5 Authentic Delhi Delicacies That You Can’t Find Elsewhere!

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There are very few delicacies which are exclusive to its particular area. There has never been a popular dish that wasn’t recreated away from home, for the love of it. Had it not been for food lovers trying to recreate the dishes they have tasted from around the globe, and migrators not bringing in the flavours from their land, we would not have had half the dishes we have today!

Here are some of our favourite authentic delicacies from Delhi (that has possibly been recreated in other places as well, but with no match to the original):


Nihari is essentially slow cooked meat, flavoured with Indian spices. The lengthy cooking process makes it very soft. It is mainly prepared from mutton and sometimes chicken. It goes best with naans and rotis. Once a royal delicacy, this signature dish is now a commoner and is found in the streets of Delhi.


Okay, before you protest let me explain. I agree that kebabs are found in many Indian cuisine outlets, all over the world. But you would be missing out something big if you come to Delhi and don’t taste the authentic kebabs from its small eateries that dates back decades. Kebabs were the Mughals’ gift to this regions cuisine and Delhi has preserved the authenticity of this delicacy in all its glory. Taste the different varieties of kebabs from Delhi’s eat streets.

Chole Bature

Another commonplace dish but it would be a sin to not include chole bature in Delhi’s must have list. It can be eaten at anytime of the day and everyone from celebrities to the common crowd crave for the hot chole bhature. The perfectly round and puffy bhature with rich flavoured chole is what Delhiites dreams are made of!


Now a common name in many dessert menus across the country, this Indian ice-cream is also an invention of the Mughal Era. This region being its place of birth, no other kulfi can match the taste and flavour of Dili special kulfis. It is creamier and denser than the regular ice cream and has unique flavours like rose, paan, kesar, pista and more!

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